NYU’s F-Minus: Many Faculty Do Not Like University’s Village Expansion Plans

Opinions have been mixed on NYU’s plans to expand its campus in Greenwich Village. Construction unions and some local businesses like it because it means more work and more customers. Neighbors and some local businesses do not like it because it means more crowds and shadows and a loss of that Bohemian character. The mayor likes it, Scott Stringer likes the compromise he came up with, NYU antagonist Andrew Berman likes none of it.

What may (or may not, depending on one’s level of cynicism) surprise is that a good many NYU faculty do not like the expansion plan, either. According to a survey conducted by the NYU Faculty Senators Council (PDF), a representative body for professors and instructors, nearly two-thirds of faculty oppose the plan, compared to one-quarter that supports it. A full 40 percent percent of the faculty surveyed said they strongly oppose the plan. Read More

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