Marty Golden Stars in Freelancers Union’s Coffee-Themed Web Video

marty golden vimeo Marty Golden Stars in Freelancers Unions Coffee Themed Web Video
Marty Golden (Photo: Vimeo)

Republican State Senator Marty Golden recently teamed up with the Freelancers Union to argue that “coffee is a right.”

In a video posted online, Mr. Golden fields a call from a hypothetical freelancer constituent whose account is overdrawn and is unable to purchase his preferred breakfast beverage. Mr. Golden informs him that there’s legislation out there to solve his woes.

“It’s called the Freelancer Payment Protection Act,” he said. “It would mean that right now you can get the Department of Labor to go after that deadbeat client of yours and make them pay.”

The bill in question passed the State Assembly last year, but needs to clear the Republican controlled Senate to advance. Mr. Golden urged viewers to lobby his colleagues.

“I sponsored this bill and intend to do everything in my power to pass it, but you really got to get in touch with your Senator and tell them that you want it to happen,” he said.

Watch below:

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