Filings Keep Rolling In: Carolyn McCarthy Scores $274,000

carolyn mccarthy fb Filings Keep Rolling In: Carolyn McCarthy Scores $274,000
Carolyn McCarthy (Photo: Facebook)

Two Long Island congressional finance reports just popped up on the Federal Elections Commission’s website: Democrats Steve Israel and Carolyn McCarthy.

Mr. Israel, who netted north of $400,000, is less notable, however, as he is a more entrenched incumbent. Ms. McCarthy, on the other hand, won reelection with about 54% in 2010 and could see a potentially competitive election against same opponent as last time, GOP Nassau County Legislator Fran Becker. She raised just over $274,000 in the last three months.

Mr. Becker has not posted any fundraising totals yet or rolled out his campaign, so it’s unlikely he’ll be significantly topping her when his quarterly finances appear, and he certainly won’t be matching her $750,000 cash on hand.

Ms. McCarthy also has one other interesting advantage in that, unlike neighboring Long Island Congressional Members Pete King and Gary Ackerman, as well as Mr. Israel, she kept the vast majority of her own constituents. On the other hand, her district is a couple notches more Republican.

She was previously facing rumors that she might retire, but mostly shooed them off by posting a large total at the end of last year.

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