Ed Cox Pushes Ray Kelly for Mayor

ed cox ny1 Ed Cox Pushes Ray Kelly for Mayor
Ed Cox and Ray Kelly (Photo: NY1)

The full court press for Police Commissioner Ray Kelly to enter the 2013 mayoral field continued last night, with Republican State Party Chairman Ed Cox going on Inside City Hall to sing Mr. Kelly’s praises and encourage him to run.

Joining the ecstatic New York Post, Staten Island power broker Guy Molinari and former Mayor Ed Koch, Mr. Cox declared, “Of course Ray Kelly would be a superb candidate.”

“Commissioner Kelly, you know, has been commissioner under two administrations,” Mr. Cox later continued. “He loves this city, he cares about it deeply, he knows this city backwards and forwards. He’s been a terrific commissioner and he’d make a terrific mayor.”

Mr. Kelly, of course, hasn’t indicated he will run and is only one possible candidate. One or two other names have been mentioned, but there is clearly a search on the Republican side as powerhouse Democratic candidates are building organizational networks and raising money hand over fist.

Mr. Cox predicted that wouldn’t wouldn’t be enough, however, due to the flaws of the Democratic field.

“What we need is a candidate who’s looking after to interests of the people of New York City, not the special interests,” he said. “Unfortunately the candidates on the Democratic side are all vying to get the support of the special interests, and that’s why since 1993 the Mayor of New York has been elected on the Republican line.”


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