‘Hardly ‘Leaked” NYPD Assessment Warns of ‘Militant Elements’ on May Day

occupynypdmemo Hardly Leaked NYPD Assessment Warns of Militant Elements on May Day
The NYPD's assessment of May Day.

An “open source assessment” of Occupy Wall Street’s planned May Day protest produced by the NYPD SHIELD counterterrorism program warns of possible “militant eletments” among the protesters and a  variety of “disruptive activities” including “vandalism” and “a blockade of New York City bridges, tunnels, and ferries.” This evening, Twitter accounts affiliated with Occupy Wall Street began sending out the assessment, which was identified as “leaked.”

Paul Browne, the NYPD’s chief spokesperson, said the document was “hardly ‘leaked.'”

“This is a summary of stuff the press has reported on all week and that has been disseminated on OWS related sites,” Mr. Browne said. “It was sent on our website used by thousands of security directors for universities, hospitals, corporations, and other employers who are welcome to share it with anyone they want, and who do.” Continue reading “‘Hardly ‘Leaked” NYPD Assessment Warns of ‘Militant Elements’ on May Day”

Roundup: Even Jimmy Carter

Rudy Giuliani will campaign with Mitt Romney at a midtown fire house tomorrow.

Peter King thinks that  Obama should not campaign on the Osama bin Laden killing.

Mitt Romney said that “even Jimmy Carter” would have ordered the killing of Osama bin Laden.

Since Mayor Bloomberg is calling for the public release of teacher evaluations, Bill de Blasio is calling for the public release of performance evaluations of Bloomberg staffers. Continue reading “Roundup: Even Jimmy Carter”

Rangel: ‘I Would Not Know How To Do Something Immoral’

rangel3 Rangel: I Would Not Know How To Do Something ImmoralCharlie Rangel appeared on ‘Up Close’ over the weekend and was pressed on whether or not he intends to resign after winning election to give his seat to Assemblyman Keith Wright.

In a word, Mr. Rangel said that anybody who suggested such a thing knows nothing about him.

“Anyone who knows me–which includes reporters–would know that I would not know how to do something immoral, to tell my constituents that supported me for decades,  ‘Give me the opportunity  to represent you,’ and then during the course of that say I didn’t mean what I said.”

Whether or not Mr. Rangel is setting things up for Mr. Wright is uncertain, but this is certainly not the first time he has been accused of immorality, not after a lengthy House ethics trial last year in which he fended off charges that he abused his office. Continue reading “Rangel: ‘I Would Not Know How To Do Something Immoral’”

RWDSU Prez Defends Christine Quinn For Standing By Her Mayor

quinn rally storm out RWDSU Prez Defends Christine Quinn For Standing By Her Mayor
Christine Quinn making her exit from the living wage rally. (Photo: Colin Campbell)

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn won’t tolerate anyone messing with Mayor Bloomberg and Stuart Appelbaum, president of the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union, doesn’t want messing with Ms. Quinn for angrily leaving this morning’s rally celebrating the upcoming vote to pass the living wage bill after someone mocked the mayor.

Ms. Quinn made her exit from morning’s rally on the City Hall steps when someone shouted a crack about “Pharaoh Bloomberg.” Mr. Appelbaum, who was in attendance at the awkward rally, leapt to the Speaker’s defense this afternoon with a press release reminding people of her role in getting the living wage bill vote passed in the first place.

“Make no mistake, there would be no living wage law bill without the Speaker,” Mr. Appelbaum said. “Even though Chris may have left the rally after declaring her support for the bill, the most important thing for us to remember is that thousands of new Yorkers will receive higher wages because she had the courage to stand up and pass the living wage law.” Continue reading “RWDSU Prez Defends Christine Quinn For Standing By Her Mayor”

Joe DioGuardi Endorses Wendy Long

wendy long Joe DioGuardi Endorses Wendy Long
Wendy Long

Former GOP Congressman and 2010 Senate candidate Joe DioGuardi endorsed attorney Wendy Long’s Senate campaign this afternoon, giving her the notable endorsement from the person who last went toe-to-toe against incumbent Senator Kirsten Gillibrand as Ms. Long seeks to do the same this year.

In the statement announcing the endorsement, Mr. DioGuardi, who was soundly defeated by close to a 30-point margin despite strong Republican performance in various congressional races across the state that year, stressed Ms. Long’s electability, declaring, “[M]ost importantly, she is the only Republican who can defeat Kirsten Gillibrand, and that is why I am endorsing her for U.S. Senate.”

Continue reading “Joe DioGuardi Endorses Wendy Long”

Ray Kelly ‘Contemplating’ Taking a Shot At City Hall

ray kelly Ray Kelly Contemplating Taking a Shot At City Hall
Ray Kelly (Photo: Getty)

The good people at Daily Intel caught up with NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly at a cocktail party before last weekend’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner and they asked the city’s top cop about the mounting calls for him to run for mayor. Mr. Kelly, who has faced mounting criticism this year, quipped he was having enough trouble holding on to his current position.

“I’m the police commissioner. I’m running for police commissioner,” Mr. Kelly said. “I want to hold on to my job.  I don’t know — I might be out the door!” Continue reading “Ray Kelly ‘Contemplating’ Taking a Shot At City Hall”

Christine Quinn Storms Out of Living Wage Rally [Video]

living wage presser Christine Quinn Storms Out of Living Wage Rally [Video]City Council Speaker Christine Quinn was a featured speaker at today’s rally celebrating the upcoming vote to pass living wage legislation, but her speech abruptly halted shortly after introducing her fellow colleagues in attendance when a protester yelled out that everybody but “Pharaoh Bloomberg” was at today’s event.

“Now, look,” Ms. Quinn said, turning around and staring silently at the crowd behind her for a good five seconds.

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