Turner Keeps Pumping On Gas Prices

bob turner edit 300x300 Turner Keeps Pumping On Gas PricesYesterday Bob Turner  held his first public event of his Senate campaign at a gas station, placing the blame at rising fuel prices directly at the feet of Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and her Democratic allies.

Today, Mr. Turner kept on pressing on the issue, sending out a press release slamming the junior senator for voting in “lock-step” with President Obama to make high gas prices even worse.

“At every turn Senator Gillibrand is voting against increasing domestic oil production and those votes result in higher prices at the pump,” said Turner campaign spokeswoman Jessica Proud. “When New Yorkers think about their crazy gas bills, they should think about Kirsten Gillibrand.” 

Mr. Turner is currently locked in three-way primary battle with Manhattan lawyer Wendy Long– a favorite of the state Conservative Party–and Nassau County comptroller George Maragos. He has been looking past them however in the early days of the campaign and kept all his fire on Sen. Gillibrand.

In the release, the Turner campaign pointed out that price of gas in New York is now over $4 per gallon, making it one of the most expensive in the country, and hit Ms. Gillibrand for voting against the  Keystone Pipeline Project, which, the campaign said would create more than 20,000 jobs and cut reliance on Mideast and Venzuelan imports by up to 40 percent.




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