Elizabeth Crowley Focuses On House Republicans

liz crowley fb1 Elizabeth Crowley Focuses On House Republicans
Elizabeth Crowley (Photo: Facebook)

Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley has to survive a crowded Democratic primary  Congressional seat in Queens’ sixth district, but she’s already jumping into the fray against House Republicans. Ms. Crowley’s campaign spokesman, Eric Yun, released a statement today condemning GOP members of Congress for passing Paul Ryan’s budget and promising his candidate will be able to “stand up to Republicans” if she wins the seat.

“The passage of Paul Ryan’s budget yesterday by House Republicans shows that their number one priority is protecting the wealthiest Americans by demolishing critical government programs like Medicare and Medicaid,” Mr. Yun said. “In Congress, Elizabeth Crowley will stand up to Republicans who are endangering our nation’s seniors, working families, and children.” Continue reading “Elizabeth Crowley Focuses On House Republicans”

DCCC Hammers Senate Candidate Bob Turner

124843717 1 DCCC Hammers Senate Candidate Bob Turner
Congressman Turner (Photo: Getty)

GOP Congressman Bob Turner may no longer be seeking reelection, but the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, the campaign arm of the House Democrats, is continuing to barrage him with attacks anyway.

“Representative Bob Turner (NY-09) just showed his true priorities once again — voting for the Republican budget that chooses millionaires over Medicare,” a press release yesterday read, while a statement the day before had a spokesman, Jesse Ferguson, declaring, “It’s clear Turner has bowed to the right wing of his party at the expense of the safety and security of New York women.”

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Albany’s Big Three Take Budget Victory Lap

cuomo3 Albanys Big Three Take Budget Victory Lap
Governor Andrew Cuomo
Governor Andrew Cuomo, Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver held a press conference in the Red Room at the State Capitol to pat themselves on the back for reaching a budget agreement on time for the second straight year. On-time budgets have been approved in Albany just seven times in the last 37 years.

“This state government has come a very long way in a very short period of time. At one time, this state government was a joke. They were literally laughing about it on the late night shows, it was a point of ridicule for many, many years,” Governor Cuomo said. “We went from a model of dysfunction to I believe a model of function.” Continue reading “Albany’s Big Three Take Budget Victory Lap”

Speaker Quinn Gives Steve Ross a Hug? Hudson Yards Bounced from Living Wage Bill to Help Build Commercial Towers

Steve Ross sure knows his way around City Hall (part of the reason he has become one of the most successful developers of his generation). From his start in affordable housing to megadevelopments like the Time Warner Center, Hunter’s Point South in Queens and Hudson Yards, Mr. Ross, chairman of the Related Companies, always seems to get just what he wants when the city is involved. One sore spot was the fight over the Kingsbridge Armory, in the Bronx, which was unexpectedly rejected by the City Council three years ago.

The fight centered around whether workers at the armory project, which was to receive a considerable amount of public subsidies, would have to be paid more than minimum wage, something labor unions were lobbying heavily for. That fight led to the eventual proposal of a living wage bill. In an unexpected, if unsurprising, twist, it now turns out City Council Speaker Christine Quinn has carved a portion of Hudson Yards out of the living wage bill, according to The Times. Read More

David Storobin Now Leads By 1

 David Storobin Now Leads By 1
Both campaigns declared victory last week, but who will win?

The latest turn in the special election to replace Carl Kruger in the State Senate has given the Republican candidate, David Storobin, a gigantic lead of one vote over his Democratic opponent Lew Fidler, multiple tipsters told The Politicker.

Contrary to what both of the campaigns had reported, the final result last night was actually a tie, a symbolic number in what has been a grueling race.

And, with all of the invalid absentee and provisional ballots finished being reviewed and contested today, Mr. Storobin’s lead has hopped up to that single point.

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Alexander Boasts Of Backing in Becker’s Backyard

matt alexander Alexander Boasts Of Backing in Beckers Backyard Wappingers Falls Mayor Matt Alexander announced today that they received the endorsement of two local Democratic committees in Westchester County, which happens to be the home county of Mr. Alexander’s closest competitor for the Democratic nomination for a Congressional seat in the Hudson Valley.

“I am humbled to have the solid backing of yet another Democratic Committee in Westchester and look forward to working with them to make Nan Hayworth a one term Congresswoman,” said Mr. Alexander.  “Let’s keep the momentum going.” Continue reading “Alexander Boasts Of Backing in Becker’s Backyard”

David Koch’s Ex: ‘I Was Just One of Many Girls’

david julia koch David Kochs Ex: I Was Just One of Many Girls
David Koch and his wife, Julia, at the 2011 Metropolitan Opera Season Opening Night. (Photo: Getty)

David Koch, the billionaire conservative fundraiser who has become known as the “Tea Party’s wallet,” “liked having a lot of women around” in his younger days. However, he didn’t discuss politics with his many girlfriends, preferring to keep those conversations among his male buddies. Cindy Farkas Glanzrock told The Politicker she dated Mr. Koch in the late eighties and has remained an acquaintance of the infamous Tea Party backer ever since.

“I was just one of many girls that he had dates with. It wasn’t anything serious, it was just all lighthearted and fun, and dinners, and shows and things,” Ms. Glanzrock said. “He liked having a lot of women around.” Continue reading “David Koch’s Ex: ‘I Was Just One of Many Girls’”