Morning Read: Bloomberg Travels The Globe; Manhattan Will Be Gambling-Free Zone

Mayor Bloomberg is visiting Singapore and Vietnam next week to “deliver a lecture on urban sustainability and deliver awards on behalf of his philanthropic foundation.” He is technically remaining in control of the city during his Asian trip.

Manhattan won’t get a casino if the Legislature’s plan to open seven commercial gambling facilities goes through this year.

Governor Andrew Cuomo on this week’s night of dealmaking and pre-dawn votes in The New York Times: “I failed. I failed. … “My legislative proposals were asking for the moon.”

The Post scores Governor Cuomo had a night of “legislative wins.” “I think legislators heard the message, and I think at the end of the day, the legislators did the right thing.”

Maria Cruz, he former personnel boss at former Senate Minority Leader Pedro Espada’s Bronx health clinic testified in the corruption trial against him today and told jurors about his bad credit rating, seafood habit, luxury cars and family friends on the payroll.

The Queens GOP switched its endorsement from George Maragos to Bob Turner.

Dov Hikind Tweeted a warning about the Taliban threat to New York City.

A new environmental impact study on the Indian Point nuclear plant is being conducted by the federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Ray Kelly’s speech burst into flames at a recent fundraiser.

Rick Santorum thinks Puerto Rico must make English the official language to gain statehood.

President Obama called those who oppose his energy policies a “Flat Earth Society”.



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