Storobin: NYT Claim That He’s ‘Overhwhelming Favorite’ to Lose Is ‘Lazy Journalism’

david storobin fb Storobin: NYT Claim That Hes Overhwhelming Favorite to Lose Is Lazy Journalism
David Storobin (Photo: Facebook)

At a Brooklyn Young Republicans Club meeting yesterday afternoon, David Storobin, the Republican candidate in the special election to replace Carl Kruger in the State Senate, took issue with the New York Times reporting unknown political analysts see his Democratic opponent, Councilman Lew Fidler, “as the overwhelming favorite in the district.”

Describing the issue as “lazy journalism” in response to The Politicker asking about the report, Mr. Storobin gave the pitch for his electoral strength.

“The truth is that the two dominant communities in the district are Russians and Orthodox Jews. Both are very conservative. The next largest ones are Italian-Americans, again, a very conservative demographic,” Mr. Storobin said. “We will do very well with all three of the demographics.”

“I’ve seen our poll data — we’re not going to release it — but we’re doing well,” he added.

Mr. Storobin also explained why he thinks Mr. Fidler’s campaign is behaving as if the election is competitive election too.

“Let me put it this way: In any election, the person who attacks, the person who is most vicious, is the person who’s losing. You don’t start throwing out words like ‘Nazi’ if you think you’re doing well,” he said, referencing Mr. Fidler’s infamous “neo-Nazi” comment. “If you’re up, you want to not rock the boat.”

Mr. Storobin looks like he’s willing to keep up the attack on Mr. Fidler’s attacks, continuing their presence in the news cycle. This afternoon, his campaign announced he will be hosting a press conference tomorrow “to discuss character issues that have come up during the campaign.”

Watch Mr. Storobin make his remarks below:

2 thoughts on “Storobin: NYT Claim That He’s ‘Overhwhelming Favorite’ to Lose Is ‘Lazy Journalism’

  1. So far I don’t see Storobin talking about any issue that is really concerned voters in this district. Probably, he does not know any of the relevant issues…

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