Roundup: Progress on Redistricting; Ackerman Hangs Around; Analyzing Michigan

ydanis jumaane Roundup: Progress on Redistricting; Ackerman Hangs Around; Analyzing Michigan
Council Members Ydanis Rodriguez and Jumaane Williams hear about the facilities at the Grove School of Engineering

A judge moved things towards a court-drawn Congressional map. For more, see Colby Hamilton and Jimmy Vielkind.

The Senate Republicans’ lawyer insisted there’s no such thing as nonpartisan.

Governor Cuomo won’t second guess the NYPD over the surveillance flap.

Gary Ackerman ain’t going anywhere.

The National Organization for Marriage endorsed one of Mark Grisanti’s Democratic opponents.

George Pataki showed Governor Cuomo some debt love.

A debate organizer screwed up and forgot to tell Lew Fidler about the debate.

Adolfo Carrion struck a more moderate tone.

Joyce Johnson hopes for a resolution to the conflict over Charlie Rangel’s seat.

Hakeem Jeffries was the only NY-10 candidate to show up at an influential Democratic club.

Here’s video of Jeffries’ appearance.

Drug reform laws aren’t working as expected.

Subway arrests are up.

Whole Foods faces a decisive vote in Brooklyn.

BuzzFeed made another notable political hire.

On the presidential race:

Romney will win in Arizona tomorrow.

Nate Silver analyzed tomorrow’s Michigan vote.

Dave Weigel did too.

Mitt Romney struggled to relate.

Newt Gingrich kept things classy.

Rick Santorum penned an economic op-ed in the Wall Street Journal.

President Obama has nice handwriting.

Santorum, Hanukkah and Jesus.

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