Roundup: Fidler Cools Down; Romney Doesn’t Care About the ‘Very Poor’

uncle andrew Roundup: Fidler Cools Down; Romney Doesnt Care About the Very Poor
Uncle Andrew wants you.

Mayor Bloomberg promises a balanced budget without new taxes.

Uncle Andrew wants you.

Governor Cuomo calls for election dates to be sorted out.

Are the redistricting lawsuits too early?

The teachers union is kicking off an advertising campaign.

Clyde Williams raises a bunch of money for his Rangel challenge.

Assembly Democrats cheer Lew Fidler.

Another group of Brooklyn Young Republicans criticize him.

Fidler’s campaign backs off the “Nazi” stuff.

Gatemouth says they were asking the wrong question.

A GOP candidate for the new Orthodox Jewish district in Brooklyn is campaigning.

He’s willing to self-fund, somewhat.

Ed Towns calls for less drama and more tax cuts.

Erik Dilan and Tish James are no long chairing the Brooklyn caucus.

Domenic Recchia says “We can’t cut police, fire or sanitation. They keep the city going.”

The Times and other news organizations are still critical of NYPD tactics.

Streetsblog is critical of Chris Quinn and public transportation.

Democrats rally behind David Carlucci.

Elected officials call for stricter penalties for assaulting sanitation workers.

Hakeem Jeffries has a new Twitter handle: @TeamJeffries

On the presidential race:

Winners and losers of the fundraising competition.

Things we learned in Florida.

A politico guide to Nevada, the next contest.

Steve Kornacki and Josh Benson think about what the primary will do to Mitt Romney.

Romney isn’t concerned about the “very poor.”

POLITICO looks at his five worse gaffes.

He was hit by glitter.

One thought on “Roundup: Fidler Cools Down; Romney Doesn’t Care About the ‘Very Poor’

  1. Trump to support NewtYes Donald has been reading VJ Machiavelli and he to knows that Newt is the “ONE”
    I welcome Donald Trump to the Newt Revolution.
    Now Donald how about running for Mayor in 2013 ?
    Before there was the “Oracle at Delphi” there was Count Vampire J. Machiavelli
    VJ Machiavelli
    Power to the People who “VOTE”

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