Markowitz Doubts Bloomberg Will Financially Struggle When He’s Out of Office [Video]

marty markowitz bloomberg Markowitz Doubts Bloomberg Will Financially Struggle When Hes Out of Office [Video]
Marty Markowitz pantomimes how sad Mayor Bloomberg will be to not have a job.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg had a cute exchange with Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz as they trumpeted the success of new job centers yesterday afternoon.

“Marty and I will be losing our jobs in 679 days,” Mr. Bloomberg pointed out, joking that one of them might some career advice. Both officials are term-limited out in 2013.

“I have a hunch that one of us will actually be looking for a job in those six hundred and something days,” Mr. Markowitz responded when he took the podium.

Mr. Bloomberg proceeded to insist he doesn’t have a retirement plan, prompting Mr. Markowitz to sarcastically quip, “Oh, sure.”

Mr. Markowitz then pantomimed what the billionaire mayor will be experiencing when he’s no longer in office by dramatically pretending to weep. Mr. Markowitz’s skepticism is understandable as Mr. Bloomberg doesn’t even bother to cash the checks for his $1 yearly salary.

Despite the jabs, the two officials are surely on good terms. As Mr. Bloomberg said at the event, Mr. Markowitz is “one of my five favorite borough presidents.”

Watch the exchange below:

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