Echoing Bloomberg, Lancman Calls For Congressional Actions On Guns

images Echoing Bloomberg, Lancman Calls For Congressional Actions On GunsIn the wake of another police shooting last night, Assemblyman Rory Lancman called on Congress to pass the “Gabby Giffords Bill,” which would close gun loopholes and reform the nation’s firearm background check system.

“Yesterday, an NYPD officer was shot with an illegal gun, while sitting in Congress there is a bill that would help stop the flow of illegal guns into New York City,” Assemblyman Lancman said. “Congress needs to do the math – close gun loopholes by passing the Gabby Giffords bill and get serious about protecting police officers and communities in New York and across the country.”

After last night’s shooting, Mayor Bloomberg reminded reporters that it was the third such incident in two months, and said “The three shooters have at least one thing in common and that is that they possessed their guns illegally, and that is true for nearly every shooting that occurs in our city. As long as federal laws allow guns to flow onto our streets, criminals will be able to get them and police officers will be in danger.”

The Giffords bill would require an instant background check for everyone who attempts to purchase a firearm at a gun show.

Mr. Lancman of course is not merely an Assemblyman. He is also a declared candidate for the U.S. Congress against Republican Bob Turner, who he as has assailed over his position on the Second Amendment.

Expect more of this as the campaign continues.

4 thoughts on “Echoing Bloomberg, Lancman Calls For Congressional Actions On Guns

  1. I would love to have Rory Lancman or Mayor Bloomberg explain how closing loopholes as you call them, will keep illegal guns off the NYC streets. Criminals will get guns no matter what you do, if no other way they will get them thru the fast and furious program run by the Feds. If you people spent as much time and money to punish those that do crimes with guns , instead of letting them plea bargin down and wind up back on the streets to do the same thing again and again, you then could say you have done something positive. The more you try to make legal citizens the blame for these type of incidents, the dumber you make yourselves look..  Why not do something positive instead of trying to cover up your lack of knowledge.

  2. The fact anyone can even buy a gun is considered a loophole to all you worthless, lying, anti freedom, anti gun, pro govt, tax sucking weasels. It is a MAJOR hassle to purchase a firearm in this state. By YOUR design. The rest of the country is seeing a rennasiance of gun laws and ownership. There are only a few holdout states that continue to deny the right of their people.

    It should be a civil rights violation to deny a citizen their right to arms.

    How about a law that says you need a permit that costs hundreds of dollars to be allowed in a place of worship or read or write a book? How would that work out for you?

    Pleas stop wasting your time and taxpayer dollars on the ridiculous schemes.

  3. I pray for the healing and complete recovery of the Police Officer wounded in the line of duty.  The brave men and women of our Police Forces are regularly the target of vicious, willful violence because of the stand they take to protect and serve us.  May God bless each and everyone of them. 

    There are already over 10,000 federal, state and municipal laws to “control” guns.  These laws are as effective at controlling guns as laws controlling baseball bats would be at eliminating baseball bat violence.  Of course the “control” effected by the existing 10,000+ laws only control the law abiding. 

    There is nothing said in the article about how the alleged perpetrator secured the “illegal” gun.  What if the “illegal” gun was stolen, or smuggled into the Country or obtained from an illegal street dealer?  What new law would bring about the magical disappearance of those already illegal human behaviors?   Will the new laws make already criminal conduct even more super-criminal such that they will scare current and prospective criminals into lawfulness? 

    Is there any evidence that the cited, alleged shooting  was performed with a gun obtained at a gun show or through other legal means?  Of course not.  If there was such evidence then the term “illegal gun” would not be used and the vituperative outcry would be to simply eliminate any and all private firearms ownership.  Which is of course their end game.

    And what degree of  intellectual objectivity is displayed by the article’s author and publisher by omitting any mention of the definition of the gun’s alleged illegality?  What made the “illegal gun” “illegal?”   Apparently facts interfere with the irrational responses that  emotional
    manipulation by the corrupt “ruling” class politicians and their media
    allies can evoke. 

    Better would be a set of laws to control the “rulers” from passing and enforcing “laws” that continuously erode the Right of Free Men and Women to keep and bear arms.  Oh, lest we forget we have that protection in the Second Amendment to the US Constitution: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free
    State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be
    infringed.” Perhaps these thousands of existing and proposed “gun-control” laws are for the more for protection of the “ruling” class from their “subjects” than for any good their “subjects” will ever derive.

  4. Gangbangers have illegal guns.  Imagine that.  That is because they are criminals, eh?  Take weapons away from responsible citizens and you create more victims.  Do your job  folks and concentrate on the criminal and not a tool that they happen to use.  Those tools are constitutional protected…you do remember that document, right?  You swore to uphold and protect it when you took office.

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