Diane von Fürstenberg: Bloomberg Is ‘So Hot’ He Doesn’t Need Fashion Tips

diane von furstenberg bloomberg presser Diane von Fürstenberg: Bloomberg Is So Hot He Doesnt Need Fashion Tips
Diane von Fürstenberg speaks at Mayor Bloomberg's press event.

Fashion legend Diane von Fürstenberg attended Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s press event celebrating New York’s fashion industry and the initiatives his administration has taken to promote couture. Of course, The Politicker, always ready to tackle the tough questions, asked Ms. von Fürstenberg if she had any fashion tips for Mr. Bloomberg.

“He’s so hot, he doesn’t need any,” she responded as Mr. Bloomberg did a huge eye-roll.

The Mayor then pointed to his tie. “Thank you, my new tie was a gift.”

Mr. Bloomberg, it should be noted, has not been spending what we can only assume to be his fairly large fashion budget on shoes.

Ms. von Fürstenberg’s isn’t alone in her praise for Mr. Bloomberg’s good looks. Even pop star Lady Gaga was unable to resist the mayor’s charms on New Year’s Eve and, last month, Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer called him “dashingly handsome.”

“Coming from a gay man, that is a big compliment,” Mr. Van Bramer made sure to add.

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