Christine Quinn Won’t Comment On John Liu, But Will Talk About Her Campaign Finance Reform Efforts

christinequinn Christine Quinn Wont Comment On John Liu, But Will Talk About Her Campaign Finance Reform EffortsChristine Quinn was unsurprisingly quiet today when asked whether or not City Comptroller John Liu should step down in the light the arrest of his campaign treasurer yesterday for campaign finance violations.

“There is an ongoing investigation into that matter and I just think it wound be inappropriate for me to comment,” she said.

But she deftly steered a press conference today at City Hall into her work tightening the city’s campaign finance rules.

“I take the Campaign Finance Board seriously,” she said. ” It was under my leadership, working with Councilmember Brewer and others that we recently tightened the law to ban LLCs,  to ban LLPs,  to make the statement  ‘no corporate funding really is no corporate funding.'”

Ms. Quinn added that the law she helped draft has been heralded as the “toughest in the country” to get pay-to-play out of politics.

If Mr. Liu ends up getting ensnared in the investigation into his campaign finance practices, the case against him will likely hinge on how much he knew about his campaign’s financial efforts.

Ms. Quinn that she is not “going through every check and looking at it myself,” but she did imply that no such shenanigans were going on among her staff.

“I have a very very competent team that I am extremely proud of, that is incredibly focused on making sure we are in compliance with the rules of the Campaign Finance Board.





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