Weekend Roundup: Romney Running Away With Florida

mitt romney getty1 Weekend Roundup: Romney Running Away With Florida
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The Staten Island Advance looks at Michael Grimm’s fundraising allegations.

The Post says President Obama wants Governor Cuomo to start hydrofracking.

And calls the Working Families Party “pinko.”

The Daily News calls on Cuomo to veto the redistricting plan.

As does the Times.

Mike Gianaris went on both NY1 & Capital Tonight Friday night to discuss redistricting.

Find out who represents you under the new and current maps.

Charter schools release an ad supporting Cuomo, echoing his “lobbyist for students” message.

Their tuition is fast approaching $40,000.

It might soon be a felony for New York nonprofits to hire licensed social workers.

Some insurance patience are getting hit with huge surprise bills.

Could Hiram Monseratte be plotting a comeback?

Headline: “Arrests at Occupy party in Williamsburg, Brooklyn: Protesters clash with cops in hipster ‘hood”

President Obama: “At least my harshest critics can agree I have a promising future — as a Al Green impersonator.”

On the presidential race:

Romney’s plan to win Florida: make Newt mad and Mitt meaner.

Whatever he’s doing is working: He’s up in the latest Times/Herald/Bay News 9 poll.

And up in the latest by Public Policy Polling.

We’re seeing a consensus in the poll numbers.

He has some advantages and risks in the next primary states.

Herman Cain endorsed Newt Gingrich.

The people are outraged.

There’s some recent financial tension between the Gingrich campaign & the press.

And some tension between the Romney campaign & NBC over an ad.

Ron Paul is campaigning in Maine.

One thought on “Weekend Roundup: Romney Running Away With Florida

  1. The GOP Establishment and their allies the (RICO”S)  the Republicans in Checkbook Only
    as jumping for JOY.

    They have been able to put Romney back together with “SUPER PAC GLUE)

    But one of Romney’s supporters here in NY Michael Grimm seem to be in a bit of trouble.

    Looks like we may have GrimmGate ?

    That could put a damper on his re-election effort and could open the way for a Primary from a “Newt” Supporter.

    Keep an eye on this 

    Before there was the “Oracle at Delphi” there was Count Vampire J. Machiavelli

    VJ Machiavelli
    Power to the People who “VOTE”

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