Stephen Saland's War Chest Swells After Gay Marriage Vote

 Stephen Saland's War Chest Swells After Gay Marriage Vote
Stephen Saland (Photo:

Casting the decisive vote in the State Senate legalizing gay marriage last June evidently paid off for Stephen Saland. According to newly released campaign finance disclosures, Senator Saland raised a whopping $425,202.50 in contributions since last summer. During the same period last year, he raked in only $5,684.41.Senator Saland was one of four Republicans who backed the marriage bill. Their vote led the quartet to face the ire of some conservative voters, but it also earned them the backing of a group of wealthy supporters who subsequently raised funds on their behalf.

Senator Saland’s contributors for the second half of last year included a trio of boldface names. Billionaire real estate developer Steve Roth and his wife, Broadway producer Daryl Roth, each contributed $16,800 to Senator Saland’s war chest. Developer Daniel Tishman tossed in $2,500. Senator Saland, who has held the 41st District Senate seat since 1990 is up for re-election this year.

One thought on “Stephen Saland's War Chest Swells After Gay Marriage Vote

  1. Saland’s total did not come primarily from huge contributions like those discussed above, but from scores and scores and scores of supporters who donated $100-$500.  Clearly, the support is both wide and deep. 

    And among these supporters are many prominent Republicans who are proud that Saland stood on the right side of the issue.  Among these are Margaret Hoover, President Hoover’s granddaughter, and President George W. Bush’s Solicitor General, Ted Olson, and Randy Mastro, a key aide to former Mayor Rudy Giuliani and prominent GOP player. 

    The GOP supports him and the Dems have good will for him.  Anyone seeking to challenge Saland in the primaries or the general is deluded.

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