Scott Stringer Hosts Anti-Antisemitism Event [Video]

ydanis stringer Scott Stringer Hosts Anti Antisemitism Event [Video]
Ydanis Rodriguez speaking at the event.

Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer, who is seen to be running for Mayor in 2013, held a press conference yesterday to call attention to a recent string of antisemitic events. The conference was held across the street from a Midtown bookstore that was defaced with swastikas a couple days ago. “We come here today to ask New Yorkers for help in tracking down the people who are spewing this hate,” Mr. Stringer announced. “We’re going to ask again for the NYPD to work with us, to give us the sense, statistically about where we are as it relates to different hate crimes around the city.”

At the event, Mr. Stringer ticked off a string of 9 acts of antisemitic violence and vandalism, stretching from mid-October to January. All of the incidences were in in Manhattan and Brooklyn. 

“This city must lead the nation in tolerance. This city must lead the nation in eliminating bigory. That is how we roll,” the Borough President stated. “We’re not gonna let these two bit punks cause damage to our great city.”

In an interesting twist, it was reported today that the most shocking act of antisemitism lately, one featuring an arson attack and hostile graffiti, may have been a cover-up for insurance fraud instead of motivated by hate.

Watch the video below:

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