Rupert Murdoch Calls Mike Bloomberg 'New York's Best Mayor in Memory!'

 Rupert Murdoch Calls Mike Bloomberg 'New York's Best Mayor in Memory!'
Rupert Murdoch (Photo: Twitter)

Rupert Murdoch shared some kind words for his fellow billionaire and media mogul, Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Mr. Murdoch joined Twitter this weekend and his first social media musings included compliments for Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum, movie reviews, New Year’s resolutions and a glowing assessment of Mayor Bloomberg. “Great to see Mike Bloomberg getting some rewards for being New York’s best mayor in memory!” Mr. Murdoch wrote last night. 

Mr. Murdoch wasn’t entirely clear which “rewards” he was referring to. Perhaps the honor he had in mind was the now infamous New Year’s kiss Mayor Bloomberg received from Lady Gaga.  Whatever he may have meant, Mr. Murdoch’s comment that Mayor Bloomberg is the best city leader he remembers carries some weight. As an 80-year-old, Mr. Murdoch’s memory may stretch all the way back to the administration of Tammany Hall heavyweight Jimmy Walker.

Sadly for Mayor Bloomberg–and his press office, Mr. Murdoch’s love for Mayor Bloomberg doesn’t extend to the editorial page of the New York Post, which is owned by Mr. Murdoch’s News Corporation. In recent months, Post editors have slammed Mayor Bloomberg for letting the Occupy Wall Street protesters stay too long, barricading the Wall Street bull, taking vacations outside the city and hating cats.


Full Disclosure: From June 2010 until November of last year, this reporter worked at The Daily, an iPad newspaper owned by Mr. Murdoch.

One thought on “Rupert Murdoch Calls Mike Bloomberg 'New York's Best Mayor in Memory!'

  1. ok hey hunter, dude can’t you do better that was some stupied writing and i don’t know why so many people pick on the poor old man cant you sit on a couch and be a couch potato instead of picking on a 80 year old guy. you know that it was totally wrong to post somthing about him and by the way he took that photo off his i pad on his boat. So why put that photo on your stupied dumb thing. cant you be nice to an old grampa would you ever do that to yours? 

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