Roundup: Voting in the Granite State

mitt romney getty Roundup: Voting in the Granite State
Mitt Romney (Photo: Getty)

President Obama’s final delegate slate for New York has been determined. Here’s the list.

Follow the results here.

Nate Silver gives Mitt Romney a 99% of winning New Hampshire.

Some narratives to watch coming out of New Hampshire.

This might be Jon Huntsman’s one state.

Ron Paul defends Romney on the ‘firing’ remark.

Rick Santorum, not so much.

The New Hampshire ballot is extensive.

South Carolina matters more than New Hampshire.

Newt Gingrich is running a South Carolina ad calling Romney “pro-abortion.”

A Pro-Gingrich PAC is ramping up its South Carolina efforts as well.

Stephen Colbert beats Huntsman in South Carolina polling.

Swinging back to New York:

Governor Cuomo wrote a letter to Shelly Silver and Dean Skelos on the convention center.

Education is a sticking point between the Governor and Silver.

Mayor Bloomberg strongly believes that New York should have non-partisan elections.

Azi Paybarah looks at the consultants signing on with the 2013 mayoral candidates.

Marty Dilan calls the redistricting hearings a ‘farce.’

Laura Nahmias ran into William Boyland Jr., who was atypically in Albany.

The Indian Point nuclear power plant is in the news again.

Crime is up in trendy Brooklyn neighborhoods.

Peter Vallone’s staff gets him to stop using Facebook for the rest of the day. Come back Peter!

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