Roundup: Fundraising; Redistricting; Florida

john liu speaking Roundup: Fundraising; Redistricting; Florida
John Liu joined other mayoral contenders to condemn school closures this afternoon

Kirsten Gillibrand raised a whole bunch of money.

Hakeem Jeffries raised over $100k.

Charlie Rangel’s challengers only have modest fundraising totals.

Joe Crowley has $850k in the bank.

A GOP District Leader in Brooklyn claims the proposed lines are a conspiracy to eliminate her. Okay.

Dean Skelos claims the redistricting process wasn’t partisan. Sure.

Marty Dilan and other Democrats sue over redistricting.

Sean Coffey joins the redistricting critics.

Jerry Nadler says the courts will play a role.

Gatemouth lays into David Storobin over Serbian war comments.

The Brooklyn Young Republicans sent over their past comments on Lew Fidler’s comments.

Mike Long speaks about Wendy Long (unrelated).

Shelly Silver isn’t too worried about three primary dates.

Dean Skelos seems to be hinting it could still be a possibility.

Eric Schneiderman gets GOP backup on his prescription drug proposal.

Frank Padvan took to social media to help decide his electoral plans.

Could David Carlucci be facing a primary?

The Senate passed DNA database legislation.

Governor Cuomo hopes the Assembly will too.

You can now download the Observer iPad app.

On the presidential race:

What to watch for in tonight’s Florida primary vote.

What Google can tell us about it.

Nate Silver looks at the state’s political geography.

President Obama raised a cool $40 million. The DNC raised another $24 million too.

Newt Gingrich’s fundraising doesn’t look so hot.

Rick Santorum’s campaign cash looks okay.

Gingrich robo-calls the kosher attack against Romney.

2 thoughts on “Roundup: Fundraising; Redistricting; Florida

  1. The sinister reapportionment plan to eliminate her district leader position is just the most recent of conspiracies that Lucretia Regina-Potter has uncovered. Actually, no. She’s just a nutjob.

  2. Dear Sinister World:

    Thank you for acknowledging, in not so kind words, my
    effort to prevent an unjust and unfair reapportionment of my district. I would
    like to submit to your attention that District Leaders, like any other concerned
    citizen, have the right to express their opinions on matters that affect their
    communities. I may be the only District Leader so far in opposing this
    egregious redistricting, however, this does not make it any less important than
    if such a protest would come from any elected public official. Does that make
    all that have protested the reapportionments of their districts “nutjobs” as

    Lucretia Regina-Potter
    Republican District Leader 49AD

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