Michael Grimm Has $1 Million in the Bank

michael grimm fb Michael Grimm Has $1 Million in the Bank
Michael Grimm (Photo: Facebook)

Congressman Michael Grimm will report raising enough to have just over $1 million cash on hand, Politicker has learned.  As New York City Congressional campaigns can be extremely expensive, the fundraising tally places a heavy marker down as the Republican Representative seeks his second term in the House.

Although it’s not immediately clear how much he raised since his last filing, where he reported $630,000 on hand, a source familiar with the Congressman’s fundraising said it was substantial. “He came off his best quarter yet. His support is certainly growing and getting stronger.”

Both national and local Democrats have been recently escalating their campaigns to defeat the Congressman.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, the electoral arm of the House Democrats, regularly peppers the Republican Representative with attacks and placed the district on its official watch list yesterday afternoon. And Mr. Grimm’s likely Democratic opponent, Mark Murphy, announced has campaign last night while directly taking aim at the incumbent in his speech.

A spokeswoman for Mr. Grimm indicated that he isn’t especially concerned with who his Democratic opponent will be. “He remains concerned with doing what’s best for the people he represents in Staten Island and Brooklyn, whether it be fighting for jobs, a stronger economy, or overturning the Port Authority’s outrageous toll hikes.”

5 thoughts on “Michael Grimm Has $1 Million in the Bank

  1. It is embarrassing that Grimm is promoting having $1 million in the bank
    — especially since the majority of his money comes from the
    establishment and their PACs and very little of comes from the people of
    Staten Island and Brooklyn. With so much of Grimm’s money coming from
    the establishment, it is no wonder that he has become their rubber stamp.

      1. Jenny, please check out Open Secrets and you can see that the number one industry donating to Grimm is the Leadership PACs and the number one industry that donated to McMahon was Securities/Investments and not Leadership PACs.

      2. Wait, so now you are arguing that it is better that McMahon was funded by the very institutions that took down our economy which he was supposed to regulate is better than taking money from your colleagues in Congress.  That’s a riot!

  2. Here’s the bottom line. Mark Murphy has not lived on Staten Island for
    18 years. At the age of 41, that’s just about his entire adult life.

    his career in Hollywood in some of the most laughably bad bit
    performances on cable TV failed, he turned to real estate which also
    failed. He returned home without employment, and despite his 2 decades
    of absence from NYC, his convicted felon father landed him a political
    patronage job representing David Dinkins adviser Bill Deblasio to
    Brookyln, Staten Island and Queens.

    The man has no business
    running for Congress, council or dogcatcher, and it is a pathetic insult
    to all Staten Islanders for the Democratic Party to run this man with a
    straight face.

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