Mercedes Narcisse to Launch Campaign for Lew Fidler's Seat Next Thursday

narcisse Mercedes Narcisse to Launch Campaign for Lew Fidler's Seat Next Thursday
Mercedes Narcisse, via Facebook

As Councilman Lew Fidler prepares to run for former State Senator Carl Kruger’s seat, the wheels are already in motion for at least one candidate preparing to replace Fidler.

Mercedes Narcisse, whose public profile says that she’s the head of Canarsie by Choice, an “organization that addresses real estate issues & gives the strip a face-lift since 1994,” recently formed a Facebook event to promote the campaign’s launch later next week.

Ms. Narcisses’ prospective campaign was first reported by City & State, which noted that she has a campaign account registered from last election cycle before City Council term limits were extended.

With a base in Canarsie’s Caribbean community, the Haitian-born Narcisse could be one of the top contenders for the seat. Ms. Narcisse also has political ties to Senate Minority Leader John Sampson and Fidler’s own 41st Assembly District Democratic Club in Southeast Brooklyn.

Also in top contention for the seat is District Leader Frank Seddio, who has connections to the Thomas Jefferson Democratic Club, one of the more influential Democratic clubs in New York City. Mr. Seddio, a former Brooklyn surrogate judge, is a colorful character to say the least.

The exact timing of the election to replace Councilman Fidler is in a reasonable amount of doubt. For an earlier election date, he would have to be victorious in his efforts to replace Kruger, and Governor Andrew Cuomo still has to decide when, or if, to schedule that special election.  However, win or lose his campaign for the State Senate, Councilman Fidler is term-limited out in 2013 and the seat is destined to be vacant.

No Republicans appear to be publicly running for the Council seat at this time.

3 thoughts on “Mercedes Narcisse to Launch Campaign for Lew Fidler's Seat Next Thursday

  1. There are vicious rumors that I’m supporting Mercedes. But Frank Seddio is the right guy once we help Lew Fidler get elected to the Senate.

    1. Of course Rock, then he’ll just open the City Council’s piggy bank to his cronies in Canarsie as he did as a surrogate judge and as an assemblyman….ok,ok,ok the man’s entitled to the seat….we get it.

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