John Gangemi: I’m Likely to Challenge Congressman Grimm

jfg pic for newspaper John Gangemi: I’m Likely to Challenge Congressman Grimm
John Gangemi

The Democratic primary to taken on Republican Congressman Michael Grimm might get a bit more crowded.

John Gangemi, a former City Councilman, told Politicker he’s probably going to run for Congress. He said “thinking about the economy and what’s going in Washington,” informed his decision-making process.

“I’m likely, you can tell, can’t you?” he responded when asked about the odds he’ll pull the trigger and run. “I’m very excited about it.”

If he runs, Mr. Gangemi, a 73-year-old Brooklyn lawyer who’s also served as Assistant District Attorney and Assistant Attorney General, would face off against Mark Murphy, a former aide to Public Advocate Bill de Blasio who launched his campaign earlier this week. Mr. Gangemi was elected to the City Council as a Republican but said he switched political parties during his term.

His criticisms against the incumbent Congressman were focused on what he described as lack of independence. “I noticed that he goes along party lines, and that’s not good. It’s not productive, it’s not constructive. He doesn’t have vision. He goes with the flow,” adding that “He’s not creative, I’m creative.”

“John Gangemi, me, I have a history. I have a history of being a doer, a legislator. I’m very much an activist. I believe in creating things.”

A long list of other Democratic names have been vaguely floated as possible contenders against Grimm as well, but so far, only Mr. Murphy has announced his candidacy.

4 thoughts on “John Gangemi: I’m Likely to Challenge Congressman Grimm

  1. Mafia lawyer Gangemi vs FBI mob buster Grimm.  Should be an interesting race.  The last time a Gangemi ran it was John Jr., who was crushed like a grape in a GOP primary for State Senate against the late, great Chris Mega.

  2. This guy is a flip flopper one day he is democrat the next day a republican….. check this guys background, he was ousted by his own party. the fact is he has not party support, no money and no respect in his own community  Dyker Heights Brooklyn. Anyone who endorses this guy is out of touch, even if he runs for dog catcher. Just google his name!!!!

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