Golden, Fidler & Turner Weigh In On New Jewish District

super jewish district Golden, Fidler & Turner Weigh In On New Jewish District
The "Super Jewish" State Senate District

After Assemblyman Dov Hikind and a key lobbyist in the influential Jewish social services organization Agudath Isreal both praised the State Senate’s decision to create an Orthodox Jewish-majority district last week, it seems unlikely that any elected official in southern Brooklyn will blast its creation in the redistricting process.

In an interview with Shimon Gifter, Republican State Senator Marty Golden praised the new district, which will neighbor his. “I was very happy with my seat, obviously,” he said. “A new Jewish seat will  be a good seat for the future for the state, and I thought that was well-designed as well.”

“When you take a look at the swath of the Brooklyn, when you take a look at the Hasidic, you take a look at the Sephardic, you took a look at the Russians, you take a look at the community of Brooklyn, it’s a large, tremendous a large, tremendous Jewish community and — rightfully so — should have their own representation,” he said. “I believe we’ll hopefully see a Republican in that seat in the near future and representing them in the majority in the Senate.”

Republican Congressman Bob Turner, who won his seat in an upset last year with heavy support from the Orthodox Jewish community, supported the new district as well, saying the new seat would  “be in the community’s interest, as well as mine.”

On the other side of the partisan coin, Democratic Councilman Lew Fidler, who’s running in a special election for the seat the new map chops up to create its Jewish-dominated district, also supported keeping these communities intact. “Neighborhoods should be brought together by their commonality of interests, the type of people that live there. Russian voters shouldn’t be divided up into three different districts. Othodox voters shouldn’t be divided up,” he said.

However, unlike the Republicans interviewed, Mr. Fidler blasted the redistricting process in the harsh terms, saying it “was one of the reasons people are so cynical about politics.” He interestingly used Mr. Golden’s awkwardly-shaped district to describe a district that is part of this cynical process. “There’s no reason that — we’re in Marine Park this morning — why Marine Park is part of the Senate District that’s in Bay Ridge. It makes no sense unless you’re looking at in in a partisan, political way. People are tired of that and it should stop. It’s gotta stop.”

Watch the interviews below:

3 thoughts on “Golden, Fidler & Turner Weigh In On New Jewish District

  1. Does anyone happen to know who the incumbents are in each of the proposed 63 senate districts (including open seat and member vs. member races)?

    1. Basically everyone keeps their own districts, I think, with a few exceptions:

      1) The proposed new district in the Capitol Region
      2) The new Asian-majority district in Queens
      3) The new “Super Jewish” district in Brooklyn
      4) A district inexplicably created out of Eric Adams’ old district in Brooklyn
      5) A district inexplicably created out of Mike Gianaris’ old district in Queens

      For 4&5, the new district would house the neighboring district incumbent that represents most of the territory of the new district but technically lives just outside of the boundaries: Gianaris & Adams

      For 1, that’s the “new” district, so there’s no incumbent. 

      2 has no incumbent and forces Stavinsky & Avella against each other
      And 3 has no incumbent, helped by the fact that Kruger’s #27 seat is vacant.I’m too lazy to list out the 63 districts with each incumbent, but I think that should help the general picture

      1. Let’s see if I got this right (some districts were renumbered so bear with me)

        1 Kenneth LaValle 2 John Flanagan 3 Lee Zeldin 4 Owen Johnson 5 Carl Marcellino 6 Kemp Hannon 7 Jack Martins 8 Charles Fuschillo 9 Dean Skelos 10 Shirley Huntley 11 None 12 None 13 Michael N. Gianaris; Jose Peralta14 Malcolm Smith 15 Joseph Addabbo, Jr. 16 Antony Avella; Toby Ann Stavisky (Asian Majority District)17 None (Orthodox Jewish District)18 Martin Malave Dilan?19 John Sampson 20 None (Eric Adams intends to move if necessary)21 Kevin Parker 22 Martin Golden 23 Diane Savino 24 Andrew Lanza 25 Eric Adams; Velmanette Montgomery?26 Dan Squadron 27 Thomas Duane 28 Liz Krueger 29 José M. Serrano 30 Bill Perkins 31 Adriano Espaillat 32 Rubén Díaz 33 Gustavo Rivera 34 Jeffrey Klein 35 Andrea Stewart-Cousins 36 Ruth Hassell-Thompson 37 Suzi Oppenheimer (Open Seat)38 David Carlucci 39 Bill Larkin 40 Greg Ball 41 Stephen Saland 42 John Bonacic 43 Roy McDonald 44 Neil Breslin 45 Betty Little 46 None 47 Joseph Griffo 48 Patty Ritchie 49 Hugh Farley 50 John DeFrancisco 51 James Seward 52 Thomas W. Libous 53 David Valesky 54 Michael Nozzolio 55 James Alesi 56 Joseph Robach 57 Catharine Young 58 Tom O’Mara 59 Patrick Gallivan 60 Mark Grisanti 61 Michael Ranzenhofer 62 George D. Maziarz 63 Timothy M. Kennedy

        If any of them are wrong, feel free to correct me.

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