Roundup: Romney Looks Strong; Fidler's Campaign Moves Forward

lew fidler facebook Roundup: Romney Looks Strong; Fidler's Campaign Moves Forward
Lew Fidler is escalating his state senate campaign. (Photo: Facebook)

The Village Voice has a snarky list of powerless New Yorkers, featuring multiple elected officials.

The powerhouse consulting firm Global Strategy Group won’t be getting involved in the 2013 Mayor’s race.

Lew Fidler makes his first State Senate campaign speech.

His campaign begins a full court press.

Federal prosecutors predict William Boyland Jr. will plead guilty to corruption.

Nan Hayworth’s Democratic opponents talk energy.

Members of the Senate’s Independent Democrats discuss the coming year on Capital Tonight.

The memo for the 63rd State Senate seat didn’t account for the prisoner population shift.

Some good government groups have resigned to non-independent redistricting.

They make their final redistricting demands.

The “comment period” for hydrofracking is now over.

Ydanis Rodriguez seeks to donate his stipend to Occupy Wall Street.

Politicians react to swastika earrings. Surprisingly, they disapprove.

On the presidential race:

This election feels familiar.

Mitt Romney pulls in a good fundraising haul.

He looks strong for South Carolina and beyond.

The pro-Newt Gingrich PAC releases its anti-Romney video.

South Carolina Senator DeMint asks Gingrich to cut off the Romney attacks.

What about Ron Paul’s strong New Hampshire showing?

CNN waves its rules to let Rick Perry debate.

Rick Santorum says Perry is the real political insider.

Romney speaks Spanish in his new Florida ad:

One thought on “Roundup: Romney Looks Strong; Fidler's Campaign Moves Forward

  1. New poll in South Carolina shows no bounce for Romney “The Dead Man Walking”

    Thursday, January 12Race/Topic   (Click to Sort)PollResultsSpreadSouth Carolina Republican Presidential PrimaryInsider AdvantageRomney 23, Gingrich 21, Santorum 14, Paul 13, Perry 5, Huntsman 7Romney +2

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