David Storobin: Lew Fidler Should ‘Come Back to Brooklyn’

storobin21 David Storobin: Lew Fidler Should Come Back to Brooklyn
David Storobin (Photo: Facebook)

David Storobin slammed his Democratic opponent, Councilman Lew Fidler, for spending too much time in Manhattan instead of in the State Senate district they are both hoping to represent.

“I understand that Lew Fidler’s radical progressive base lives far outside our district, and that he finds it impossible to get local support, but it is time to start campaigning in southern Brooklyn,” Mr. Storobin said in a release.

Councilman Fidler announced his campaign in Manhattan, something the Senate Republicans attacked him for at the time. Mr. Storobin notes that the Councilman is has another fundraiser in Manhattan tonight.

Mr. Storobin then launched into a general broadside, accusing his competitor of ignoring the district’s values as well. “Just as he spent the last 10 years funding LGBT and other liberal groups outside of our neighborhoods, today he’s choosing to give speeches to and fundraise among the same groups far outside our district.”

Mr. Fidler and Mr. Storobin are in a high-profile race for the State Senate left vacant when Carl Kruger pleaded guilty to federal corruption charges and resigned. The special election is March 20th.

We’ve reached out to Councilman Fidler’s campaign for comment and will update when we receive a response.

Update (12:46 p.m.):

Kalman Yeger, a spokesman for Councilman Fidler’s campaign, sent us a response to Mr. Storobin’s charge:

“It’s so very sad that just one day after Mr. Storobin revealed his efforts to buy a Senate seat with more than $60,000 of his family’s money, he would criticize Councilman Fidler. While Mr. Storobin is hiding behind his Albany Republican machine, Councilman Fidler spent yesterday passing three pieces of legislation to make people’s lives better, and is spending today attending to his job chairing a City Council hearing. Councilman Fidler is focused on helping the people of Brooklyn, not responding to Mr. Storobin’s erratic sniping.”

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