Candidates Eye Astoria Council Seat

daniel peterson fb3 Candidates Eye Astoria Council Seat
Daniel Peterson (Photo: Facebook)

Two candidates, one Democrat and one Republican, each have opened committees and are looking at possibly running for term-limited Queens Councilman Peter Vallone’s seat in 2013. Democratic District Leader Costa Constantinides and former New York Young Republican Club President Daniel Peterson are both actively considering campaigns while declining to officially declare their intentions to run.

In a recent interview, Mr. Peterson, who also sits on the Queens Republican Executive committee, confirmed that he’s exploring a bid for the Council seat but stated he hasn’t made a definite decision yet.

The Republican indicated that his largest concern is the ideological direction of New York City and the lack of conservative voices to balance the overwhelmingly Democratic City Council.  “New York City leans too much one way politically, and there needs to be a little more moderation to balance it out,” he said. “I don’t think 5 — now 4 — [Republican] Council Members is enough to bring that balance.”

Although every elected official in northwestern Queens is Democratic, Mr. Peterson says he would have a decent shot at victory. “It is going to be an uphill fight, but it is more of a moderate Democratic district. It voted for Bloomberg and it supported Giuliani.”

If Mr. Peterson does enter the race, he could easily be running against a Democrat who’s been exploring a run for a bit of time already, and who’s raised over $20,000 so far: Mr. Constantinides.

“I’ve been working for the Council for five and a half years. I know how to get things done for this community,” Mr.  Constantinides said in a recent interview with Roberto Perez when asked to give his pitch to voters for a hypothetical candidacy. “I understand the needs of the neighborhood because I’m out there every single night, every single day, talking to the people of this district, finding out the things that they need. I think I can deliver those things based on my experience.”

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