Benjamin Kallos to Run for Upper East Side Council Seat

benjamin kallos fb Benjamin Kallos to Run for Upper East Side Council Seat
Benjamin Kallos (Photo: Facebook)

Benjamin Kallos, an attorney and consultant, said in an interview today that will seek the seat currently held by Democratic Councilwoman Jessica Lappin. Councilwoman Lappin is thought to be running for Manhattan Borough President, where the incumbent, Scott Stringer, is expected to run for Mayor.

Should that set of dominoes fall in place, Mr. Kallos stated he “absolutely” will campaign for the seat and has already opened a 2013 campaign committee for the endeavor.

Mr. Kallos, a former Chief of Staff for Assemblyman Jonathan Bing, previously campaigned for the seat in 2009 when Ms. Lappin, whom Mr. Kallos calls “amazing,” was contemplating her own campaign for Public Advocate. After she decided to run for reelection instead, Mr. Kallos dropped his bid.

Currently Mr. Kallos works at the New Roosevelt Initiative where he focuses on government transparency projects. He notably helped develop websites aiming to increase such transparency in the past and said he would like to translate some of these efforts into government policy. Making hundreds of thousands of government documents publicly accessible, he says, would be “a huge job creator,” as it can allow businesses and individuals to operate more efficiently in unexpected ways.

Other candidates mentioned for the seat include Assembly Members Dan Quart and Micah Kellner, although neither has publicly signaled their interest.

One thought on “Benjamin Kallos to Run for Upper East Side Council Seat

  1. Why would an Assemblymember give up a safe seat to run for a term limited seat in the City Council?  More pay? Yes.  Shorter work commute? Yes.  But an Assembly seat can be held for life if one can manage to obey the law.

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