Mitt Romney is Receiving Secret Service Protection, Cool Secret Service Code Name

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who just won the Florida primary, will receive Secret Service protection. ABC News reports Mr. Romney will have protection by Thursday. There are no known threats to the candidate; unnamed sources told reporters that the decision was based on the increasing sizes of crowds encountered on the campaign trail. Read More

Mayoral Contenders Band Together to Criticize School Closures

scott stringer bill de blasio bill thompson Mayoral Contenders Band Together to Criticize School Closures
Bill Thompson shakes hands with Bill de Blasio while Scott Stringer speaks (Photo: YouTube)

Earlier this afternoon, four of the five top-tier mayoral candidates stood on the steps of City Hall to criticize recent school closures. City Comptroller John Liu, former Comptroller Bill Thompson, Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer, and Public Advocate Bill de Blasio took to the stand to criticize Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s education policies.

The four candidates applauded and supported one another as they spoke, and their messages were largely similar. They all generally indicated the Bloomberg’s administration enjoys closing schools or fails to appreciate the significance of such actions.

“To too many people over at Tweed building, closing schools is a panacea. They think it’ll solve our problems, to close a school” Mr. de Blasio said. “They think it’s a cure-all, but in fact it misses the point.”

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Can The Senate Dems Regain Their Squandered Majority?

senate Can The Senate Dems Regain Their Squandered Majority?For years the operating assumption in Albany political circles on both sides of the aisle was that eventually, one day, Democrats would take control of the State Senate, thus completing the extermination of the Republican Party in New York State.

The logic of this argument was simple: A Republican had not been elected statewide since George Pataki won re-election in 2002, and even that was something of a fluke victory over scattered Democratic opposition.  Democrats had a huge majority in the State Assembly. Democrats had a 5:3 advantage in the number of voters registering with their party, a ratio that was likely to increase as more immigrants and minorities came of voting age in the state. The GOP was becoming a party of guns and the God-fearing, neither of which had much traction among Yankee Republicans, or what was left of them. Continue reading “Can The Senate Dems Regain Their Squandered Majority?”

Mitt Romney Wins Florida

mitt romney wiki2 Mitt Romney Wins Florida
Mitt Romney (Photo: Wikimedia)

Mitt Romney won tonight’s Republican presidential primary in Florida, a victory that puts him in prime position to lock down his party’s nomination. Fox News, NPR, CNN called the Sunshine State for Mr. Romney almost immediately after the last polls closed at 8 p.m. New York time.

After his victory in South Carolina, Mr. Romney’s main opponent, Newt Gingrich, upset Mr. Romney’s once ironclad lead in the Florida polls, but Mr. Romney got back on top after drubbing Mr. Gingrich in the most recent debate and dramatically outspending him on the airwaves. Continue reading “Mitt Romney Wins Florida”

Ruben Diaz: ‘We Do Not Need Charles Rangel To Come To The Bronx’

 Ruben Diaz: We Do Not Need Charles Rangel To Come To The Bronx
Senator Ruben Diaz (Photo:

Bronx State Senator Ruben Diaz is offended by the plan to keep Congressman Charlie Rangel in Washington by dramatically changing the contours of his district to include parts of The Bronx and Westchester.

“What a joke! What a farce!  What a lack of respect to Sheldon Silver, to the rest of the Assembly members and to the people of the Bronx!” Mr. Diaz said in a statement sent out today. “We do not need Charles Rangel to come to the Bronx.”

The Politicker first reported the proposal to change Rangel’s district after Veteran Assemblyman and Harlem powerbroker Herman “Denny” Farrell revealed it at a town hall meeting last Friday. Mr. Farrell said the plan would give Mr. Rangel “a district that can be won” because his longtime stronghold in Harlem is “no longer black.” Continue reading “Ruben Diaz: ‘We Do Not Need Charles Rangel To Come To The Bronx’”

Roundup: Fundraising; Redistricting; Florida

john liu speaking Roundup: Fundraising; Redistricting; Florida
John Liu joined other mayoral contenders to condemn school closures this afternoon

Kirsten Gillibrand raised a whole bunch of money.

Hakeem Jeffries raised over $100k.

Charlie Rangel’s challengers only have modest fundraising totals.

Joe Crowley has $850k in the bank.

A GOP District Leader in Brooklyn claims the proposed lines are a conspiracy to eliminate her. Okay.

Dean Skelos claims the redistricting process wasn’t partisan. Sure.

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Brooklyn Rabbi Tells Fidler To Back Off

lew fidler2 Brooklyn Rabbi Tells Fidler To Back Off A Brighton Beach rabbi sent an open letter to City Council Lew Fidler telling him to tone down his attacks on David Storobin, his GOP opponent in the State Senate.

“Right from the outset, you have made it clear that you are determined to stake your campaign in the shifty foundation of negativity and fear mongering, ” writes Rabbi Mordecltai Tokarsky of the Jewish Center of Brighton Beach.

“You did so when you not once, but many times falsely accused a member of my congregation, your opponent David Storobin, of (and I quote) “having ties to skinheads and neo-Nazi groups and white supremacist groups. Continue reading “Brooklyn Rabbi Tells Fidler To Back Off”