Roundup: Stalking Governor Cuomo; Will Obama and Hillary Join Forces?

Governor Cuomo’s trip to the North Country included coffee runs and a Price Chopper shopping spree.

Former Clinton administration Labor Secretary Robert Reich predicts an Obama/Clinton ticket in ’12.

Protesters are setting up camp outside Mayor Bloomberg’s house (again). 

A new year means a slew of new state laws.

Alex Borgognone is giving up his bid to challenge Michael Grimm.

Is hydrofracking headed to China?

Singer Kelly Clarkson experienced fan backlash after she endorsed Ron Paul.

President Barack Obama misses his former body man, Reggie Love.

Nancy Pelosi’s office said she doesn’t want to leave politics, regardless of what her daughter said.

Karl Rove predicts the GOP will take the Senate and keep the House.

Rick Perry seemingly forgot about a Supreme Court case he has fought for years–the ruling that overturned Texas’ anti-sodomy laws.

“Strong wind gusts” destroyed about 20 tents at the Occupy encampment in Providence, Rhode Island.




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