Fred Dicker Gives Governor Cuomo's Tax Plan a Backhanded Compliment

 Fred Dicker Gives Governor Cuomo's Tax Plan a Backhanded Compliment
Fred Dicker (Photo:

Influential New York Post columnist Fred Dicker isn’t exactly pleased with Governor Cuomo’s new tax plan, but he’s admittedly impressed with the political maneuvering that got the deal done. On his radio show this morning, Mr. Dicker aired his opinion of the state tax code overhaul. “Some might suggest that the governor and Senator Dean Skelos involved themselves in a sneak attack on New York taxpayers with this deal that really kind of came out of the blue,” Mr. Dicker said.

Governor Cuomo’s tax plan includes a higher tax rate for wealthy New Yorkers and a tax cut for many less well off state residents. Mr. Dicker pointed out this element of the plan was a reversal of the governor’s repeated promises, but he praised its execution.

“He’s one of the most skillful political figures we’ve seen probably in a few generations on the New York political scene,” said Mr. Dicker. “It’s a remarkable political tour de force, it seems to me, that we’ve seen here from the governor over the last several days.”

Mr. Dicker repeatedly marveled at Governor Cuomo’s ability to quickly shore up bipartisan support for his plan and gave a tightly controlled presentation of the proposal to the media with almost no opposition.

“There’s some 30,000 people who will be paying this tax of some $2 billion. but there really is virtually not a peep out of any of them collectively or through organizations protesting it,” Mr. Dicker said.

Based on the reception the tax plan has received so far, Mr. Dicker doesn’t think it will cost Governor Cuomo many political points.

“Cuomo, who has very high approval rating, made a very interesting, skillful presentation of what is a reversal of a promise from his campaign–a key promise and, as a result of that, … Cuomo will be able to get away with this, maybe even do a little bit better,” Mr. Dicker said. “I think he’ll slip just slightly in the polls.”

Mr. Dicker had harsher words for Republican State Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos. He took Senator Skelos to task for reversing his position on tax increases.and agreeing to Governor Cuomo’s plan.

“Where was Dean Skelos? Has he given an explanation for his flip flop?” Mr. Dicker said. “He didn’t even deign to put out an explanation.”





2 thoughts on “Fred Dicker Gives Governor Cuomo's Tax Plan a Backhanded Compliment

  1. Fred,
    A great many of the people this Governor lied to while taking their money will talk with their feet (see Tom Golisano). I marvel at the way you praise one congenital liar while demeaning the second purely for your own personal interests. Your skirt is showing.

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