Becker Hits Hayworth On Payroll Tax Vote

nan Becker Hits Hayworth On Payroll Tax VoteThe ink isn’t yet dry on Congress’ rejection of a payroll tax cut bill passed by the Senate, but already the attacks are coming.

“Today my opponent, Congresswoman Hayworth, voted in lock step with the Tea Party once again by voting to kill a bipartisan agreement to extend the payroll tax cut for the middle class and unemployment insurance – a bill that was overwhelmingly passed in the Senate by an 89 to 10 vote.” said Rich Becker, a Westchester legislator and doctor who is running against one-term GOP incumbent Nan Hayworth. “Hayworth said she voted against the bipartisan compromise on ‘principle.’ It seems she would rather see 10.1 million New Yorkers pay $1,000 more in taxes and kill unemployment insurance for those seeking jobs if she and other ideological extremists in Congress do not get everything they want.”

Clearly, Democrats think they have a winner on this issue. Yesterday, U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer appeared on “Morning Joe” and all but dared House Speaker John Boehner to bring the bill to the floor for a vote.


“This is extremism at its ugliest. This is exactly why people think that Congress is broken,” Mr. Becker added. “Playing political games with the livelihoods of the middle class at the eleventh hour is simply outrageous.  I would never do that. Period.”

Ms. Hayworth represents one of the quintessential swing seats in New York State, one that has swung from Republican to Democratic during  various wave elections. If he has to face her, Mr. Becker will first have to get out of a Democratic primary. Matt Alexander, the mayor of Wappingers Falls, is also in the race, and has signed some big-name political consultants.


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