Roundup: Tears of a Newt; Christie at the Caucuses

Newt Gingrich was driven to tears while discussing his mother’s health at an appearance in Iowa. Afterwards, he slammed Mayor Michael Bloomberg a second time for spending his personal fortune to secure his spot in City Hall.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie joined Mitt Romney on the campaign trail in Iowa.

Rick Santorum called Governor Christie a “big liberal Republican.” Continue reading “Roundup: Tears of a Newt; Christie at the Caucuses”

Industry Friendly Group Calls Hydrofracking One of 'The Top Ten Unfounded Health Scares of 2011'

121933714 Industry Friendly Group Calls Hydrofracking One of 'The Top Ten Unfounded Health Scares of 2011'
Hydrofracking at an oil well site near Tioga, North Dakota. (Photo: Getty)

According to the American Council on Science and Health, the fuss over hydrofracking is unfounded. ACSH named the controversial natural gas drilling technique one of “the top ten unfounded health scares of 2011” in a list published this week. “To deny Americans the possibility of plentiful, cheap, and safe natural gas because of hyper-precautionary fears about ‘toxic and carcinogenic’ chemicals from hydrofracking fluid seems terribly irresponsible,” read the ACSH report.

ACSH is a group of “physicians, scientists and policy advisors“who often take controversial positions supporting perceived environmental and health risks including fatty foods, pesticides and tobacco. Critics have called ACSH “a front” for industry because it has accepted contributions from corporarations including oil and gas companies. ACSH’s report on hydrofracking blamed opposition to the drilling technique on “alarmist” media coverage in the pages of the New York Times and the documentary “Gasland.” Continue reading “Industry Friendly Group Calls Hydrofracking One of 'The Top Ten Unfounded Health Scares of 2011'”

Ryan Gosling Meme Hits The Campaign Trail

campaign staff gosling Ryan Gosling Meme Hits The Campaign Trail
Hey, girl. (Photo:

On his way to achieving A-List Hollywood heartthrob status this year, actor Ryan Gosling became an internet meme. Mr. Gosling has a slew of sites devoted to pictures of the actor accompanied by quotes that begin with the phrase “Hey Girl” and depict Mr. Gosling as your ideal boyfriend. “Hey girl, can we just sit and watch the sunset together?” asks one exemplary posting.

Now. Mr. Gosling is the subject of a site that takes this meme to the campaign trail and packs it with backroom terminology and insidery references to voter outreach techniques. “Hey girl, you must be a predictive support model, because my numbers fit perfect against your curves,” reads a typical entry on the Campaign Sick blog. Continue reading “Ryan Gosling Meme Hits The Campaign Trail”

Quinn Pushes for More LGBT Lawmakers

 Quinn Pushes for More LGBT LawmakersA reader sent to us the following fundraising solicitation from Council Speaker Christine Quinn on behalf of the Gay and Lesbian Victory Institute , a political action fund dedicated to electing more LGBT public officials.

In the email, Speaker Quinn talks about the fight for same-sex marriage in Albany and has high praise for her fellow LGBT elected officials and Gov. Cuomo. Continue reading “Quinn Pushes for More LGBT Lawmakers”

Elections Board to Miss State Disclosure Deadline

According to a release put out today by the New York Public Interest Research Group, the Board of Elections has blown through deadline imposed under the state’s new ethics laws to put out a proposed regulation on the disclosure of independent campaign expenditures.

The deadline was January 1.

“This is the latest example of the need to restructure the oversight of the state’s campaign finance laws and ensure that sufficient resources are available for implementation and enforcement of the laws,” writes Bill Mahoney, the legislative coordinator for NYPIRG. Continue reading “Elections Board to Miss State Disclosure Deadline”

Assemblyman Daniel O'Donnell Takes Advantage of Same-Sex Marriage Law

odonnell Assemblyman Daniel O'Donnell Takes Advantage of Same Sex Marriage Law
Daniel O'Donnell (Photo: NYS Assembly)

Openly gay Assemblyman Daniel O’Donnell, who introduced five bills to legalize same sex marriage over the past four years, is marrying his partner of more than three decades now that the state passed the marriage equality law in June.

Assemblyman O’Donnell announced his impending nuptials on former Governor David Paterson’s talk radio show yesterday. “I’m here on your radio show today to announce that I’m getting married. John and I have decided to get married, we’ve been together for 31 years and our wedding will be on January 29th at Guastavino’s on the East Side of Manhattan, which is a beautiful, beautiful  locale,” said Assemblyman O’Donnell. Continue reading “Assemblyman Daniel O'Donnell Takes Advantage of Same-Sex Marriage Law”

Bloomberg: 'We Don't Target Any Ethnic Groups'

 Bloomberg: 'We Don't Target Any Ethnic Groups'Mayor Bloomberg is right now at his annual interfaith prayer breakfast at the New York Public Library, an event which achieved more notice than usual when fifteen Muslim clerics and community leaders said they are boycotting the event to protest to protest the New York Police Department’s surveillance of Muslims.

During his weekly radio show, Mayor Bloomberg brushed off the criticism.

“Not all of the those leaders were invited. Some of them just weren’t on the list,” he said. “Look, I hope everybody comes. The PD is doing the best job of any police department in the country. We don’t target any ethnic groups.” Continue reading “Bloomberg: 'We Don't Target Any Ethnic Groups'”