Rick Perry Attacks Mitt Romney on Bailouts [Video]

rick perry ads Rick Perry Attacks Mitt Romney on Bailouts [Video]
Governor Rick Perry (Getty)

Governor Rick Perry released yet another ad targeting rival Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney today. Governor Perry’s latest jab targets Mr. Romney for defending government bailouts.

The ad features archival footage of Mr. Romney defending the unpopular bailouts at various points during the past three years. Text flashes across the screen describing Mr. Romney’s support for bailouts as the “one issue he has been consistent on.”

Governor Perry debuted the ad on his web site along with a statement from his spokesman, Ray Sullivan.

“Any proposal from Mitt Romney to reduce government spending that does not end government bailouts is not a serious plan to reduce government spending. … While Mr. Romney continues to put Wall Street over Main Street, Rick Perry is a real fiscal conservative whose economic plan ends Washington and Wall Street bailouts, cuts taxes and federal spending and balances the budget by 2020,” Mr. Sullivan said.

Though he was a frontrunner early on, Governor Perry is currently trailing in the polls behind Mr. Romney and Herman Cain. Conventional wisdom among campaign observers is that Governor Perry lost momentum after several poorly reviewed debate outings. Ads may be Governor Perry’s best shot at turning things around since he has more money to spend on web clips and TV commercials than most of his rivals and 23-year-old whiz kid Lucas Baiano crafting his spots.

So far, Governor Perry has focused his attack ads on Mr. Romney. He hasn’t publicly targeted Mr. Cain, but Mr. Cain suspects Governor Perry has run a covert smear campaign against him by leaking decade old sexual harassment allegations to Politico.

Watch Governor Perry’s new anti-Romney ad below.

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