Nadler Welcomes Romney To New York

nadler 0 Nadler Welcomes Romney To New YorkKen Langone is hosting a major fundraiser for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney at the Conrad Suite of the Waldorf-Astoria on Park Avenue today.

And late last night, west side Congressman Jerry Nadler sent a letter to the former Massachusetts governor, welcoming him to our fair city and asking him why he, in Mr. Nadler’s words, “so consistently put the needs of working- and middle-class people last?”

I want to welcome you to New York City. While visiting our great city, I hope you are able to take some time off from campaigning to see the sights, meet some of my constituents, and help put some money into the city’s economy.

My district is in the largest and most diverse city in the country, meaning that the issues that affect my constituents are the same as those of voters you regularly meet in states from New Hampshire to Nevada.

The people of New York are concerned about fundamental issues like jobs, the economy, and foreclosures. While you are in New York, I wanted to ask you, on behalf of my constituents, why have you so consistently put the needs of working- and middle-class people last?

The fundraiser for Mr. Romney marks his first foray into the New York City donor cohort that was pining for New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to run since Mr. Christie took a pass on the race.

Mr. Nadler’s full letter is below:

Nadler Romney Letter

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