Michele Bachmann: ‘President Obama Joined With the Occupy Wall Street Protestors’

obama has joined Michele Bachmann: President Obama Joined With the Occupy Wall Street Protestors
Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (Getty)

Republican Presidential Candidate and Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann issued a statement in response to the October jobs report, which showed the unemployment rate dip ever so slightly to nine percent. “President Obama joined with the Occupy Wall Street protestors who believe that the problem we face is capitalism, the free markets and job creators. It’s not,” Congresswoman Bachmann said.


The October jobs report, which was released today, showed the American economy added 80,000 jobs last month causing the unemployment to drop to 9% from 9.1% in September. Despite the slight dip in unemployment, Congresswoman Bachmann described the current jobless rate as “stubbornly high” and pointed to recent statements by Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke that job growth is likely to be “frustratingly slow” as evidence the economic policies of the current administration are not working.

“The only comfort today for millions of out of work Americans is that we are now one year away from American’s sending a clear message by replacing this president and his failed economic policies,” Congresswoman Bachmann said.

Congresswoman Bachmann said President Obama and Occupy Wall Street are united in attacking capitalism as the source of the nation’s economic woes. She said the President and the protesters need to “wake up” if we want America’s economic situation to improve.

“If we are ever to get out of this ditch, President Obama, the Democrats and Occupy Wall Street need to wake up and stop blaming job creators for the failures created by selfish politicians,” Congresswoman Bachmann said.

Congresswoman Bachmann has previously described the Occupy Wall Street movement as “tremendously counterproductive” and downright dirty. Though she looked like a potential frontrunner early on, Congresswoman Bachmann’s campaign has slowed in the past few months. She’s currently running near the back of the Republican pack in most polls.

One thought on “Michele Bachmann: ‘President Obama Joined With the Occupy Wall Street Protestors’

  1. The “job creators” are not creating jobs.  They are hoarding their cash.
    The middle class is getting screwed and the rich are telling us to blame the poor.

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