Mayor Bloomberg Compares Parking Illegally to Murdering Your Parents

mayor bloomberg Mayor Bloomberg Compares Parking Illegally to Murdering Your Parents
Mayor Bloomberg (Getty)

Mayor Bloomberg was asked about New York City’s unpopular sanitation parking stickers during his weekly appearance on John Gambling’s WOR radio show today.  A Brooklyn councilman has introduced a bill that would ban the stickers, which are placed on cars that violate alternate side parking rules and are incredibly difficult to remove, but Mayor Bloomberg told Mr. Gambling he supports the stickers and he compared people who break the rules to someone murdering their parents and not understanding why they have to go to jail.

“If people are complaining, then we should keep doing it,” Mayor Bloomberg said of the stickers.

Mayor Bloomberg explained to Mr. Gambling that New Yorkers can avoid the stickers entirely by obeying parking regulations.

“I mean–don’t break the law. It’s almost like, you know, you murder your parents and then you say to the judge, ‘But I’m an orphan, you can’t put me in jail.’ Don’t murder your parents, you don’t have, you’re not an orphan, and in this case, don’t break the law you don’t have to worry about it,” Mayor Bloomberg said.

Mayor Bloomberg said he supports the stickers because “the Sanitation Department says it’s even more effective than a fine.” The Mayor clearly has no sympathy for people who break the rules, but he did suggest one potential remedy for those who are up in arms with the stickers.

“If you don’t like the law of cleaning the streets or alternate side, change that, but don’t go break the law,” Mayor Bloomberg said.


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