Poetic Tweets for the Political Junkie

Elinor Lipman
Lipman, author and New Yorker.

Politics and comedy are an age-old duo that have been artfully combined before, and Elinor Lipman, the New York-based bestselling author of nine novels, has recently been adding to the canon. Her chosen medium, however, marries a more unlikely and paradoxical couple: Twitter and poetry. In late June, Lipman announced that she would be tweeting a political poem every day until the 2012 presidential election, an impressive endeavor considering there were 497 days left until the general when she began. So far, she’s made good on her word, and the 140-character couplets have been more than amusing.

Here are a few of The Observer’s favorites: Continue reading “Poetic Tweets for the Political Junkie”

Pols, Unions Start to Pay Attention to Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Wall Street–the ongoing, wide-ranging protest about the vagaries of capitalism–has quickly become a cultural phenomenon, but so far has only been able to regularly attract a few hundred protesters at a time. Part of the problem, perhaps, was the protesters inability to get labor unions to sign on.

This may be changing. Continue reading “Pols, Unions Start to Pay Attention to Occupy Wall Street”

Pataki Backs Christie for President

Former Governor George Pataki sent out word today that he thinks that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie should end the Hamlet on the Delaware routine and run just go ahead and run for president.

“America is in a crisis, and none of the current candidates or the President has leveled with American public about what needs to be done to rescue our future,” Pataki said in a statement. “This country needs a straight shooter and a proven leader. I urge Governor Chris Christie to run for President to fill the void and lead America forward.” Continue reading “Pataki Backs Christie for President”

Dilan for Congress?

The Perez Notes wrote up that Erik Dilan is considering running for Congress against Nydia Velazquez.

New elected Assemblyman Rafael Espinal’s margin of victory in the 54th AD, may spell trouble for Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez. My sources tell me that the Dilan family was emboldened by the outcome of the election, and that Councilman Erik Dilan is exploring a possible challenge to the long time Congresswoman.

A person involved in the discussions said that Congresswoman Velazquez was absent during the most crucial moments in Jesus Gonzalez campaign, and that her endorsement meant very little at the end the of the day. Which can be interpreted to mean that Velazquez could not deliver votes for Gonzalez. Continue reading “Dilan for Congress?”

Bloomberg Backs Rick Perry On Immigration [Video]

Mayor Mike Bloomberg appeared on “John King USA” and threw his support behind Rick Perry–or on the Texas governor’s immigration policies, at least.

Asked about Perry’s support for immigration reform and a border fence, Hizzoner said, “He happens to be right on both of those things.  But I think you’ve got to differentiate between what may be good politics within the beginning of a primary race as opposed to what happens when the bigger states get involved in the primary race or what happens in a general election. And then there’s another minor problem here. Whether it’s good politics or it’s bad politics, you’re an American.  And what’s questions, what’s right for the country, even if it doesn’t help or hurt your career.” Continue reading “Bloomberg Backs Rick Perry On Immigration [Video]”

Poll: Majority of NYers Support Casino

A new poll out today by the Siena Institute shows that 57 percent of New Yorkers favor casino gambling off of Indian reservations.

“Majorities of Democrats and Republicans, and of residents of every region of the state, support allowing Vegas-style casinos to be built here in New York, said Don Levy, Siena director. “While there is concern about crime and compulsive gambling, the need for jobs and government revenues appears to far outweigh the downsides according to most New Yorkers and voters.” Continue reading “Poll: Majority of NYers Support Casino”