Morning Read: Gay Group Honors Hizzoner; Christie as Kramden; NYPD Unleashed

Whoever is the new head of the Port Authority will have to decide how the agency directs its resources in an era of limited funds and great needs.

Chris Christie has had a frosty relationship with New Jersey’s two U.S. Senators.

This photo of Chris Christie as Ralph Kramden is worth the cost of the Mike Lupica column.

The Human Rights Campaign will honor Mike Bloomberg at its annual fundraiser dinner.

The head of PEF wants to dialogue with Gov. Cuomo, and hopes the governor comes back with a better offer.

The Times urges Cuomo to remain firm.

Jim Dywer writes that the pepper-spray incident during the Occupy Wall Street protests that exists in a bubble of isolation from ordinary democratic processes.

Elected officials and the United Nations are close to a deal that would give the U.N. space for a new building and the city space to complete the East River Greenway.

Kathleen Rice busted an S.A.T. cheating ring.

Here is a full list of the next subway system that will be wired for cell-phone service.

The Daily News says that John Liu should cough up the $300,000 he owes in fines for campaign signs.

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