Eye On A Primary? Greg Ball Knocks Nan Hayworth for Cantor-eque Comments

gregball Eye On A Primary? Greg Ball Knocks Nan Hayworth for Cantor eque CommentsHudson Valley State Senator Greg Ball sent out a statement blasting Congresswoman Nan Hayworth for suggesting that she backs House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s view that any funds sent toward disaster relief have to be off-set with budget cuts elsewhere.

“Playing politics and making any assertion that we should withhold services and funds necessary to provide comfort is simply a dereliction of duty,” Ball said. “It seems that our representative in Congress is more focused on playing political gamesmanship in the Beltway rather than providing the necessary leadership to defend and support the struggling families, small business owners, and taxpayers back home. Unfortunately, this odd betrayal of leadership at a time when our constituents needed her most seems to be part of a pattern that comes shortly after similarly short-sighted attempts to gut federal funding for New York’s homeland security even while approaching the 10-year anniversary of 9/11. It is imperative that the Congresswoman reverse her attempt to attach this much needed support and relief for stricken families to a game of political brinkmanship in Washington, D.C.”

These are pretty harsh words, especially from a fellow Republican, and likely to lead to speculation that Ball is considering mounting a primary against Hayworth. Ball is something of a hero to the Tea Party crowd in the Hudson Valley, and ran for Congress against John Hall in 2009 before stepping aside to challenge a Republican incumbent in the State Senate.

Rumors have been flying in local political circles there that Ball will mount another run, but he recently told The Politicker that he has not even thought about running for Congress.


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