David Paterson Says Occupy Wall Street Better Run Than Albany [Video]

Gov. David Paterson made an appearance at Zuccotti Park yesterday–the highest ranking, if not the first elected official to do so, and implied that the demonstrators taking part in the Occupy Wall Street protests were better organized than legislators up in Albany

“Very well-organized,” he told amNewYork’s Marc Beja.  “And they said they balanced their budget, which is more than I could do in three years.”

Paterson also defended the protesters against charges that they were ill-informed, and he possessed a surprising fluency with social media.

“This whole image of young people as being self-indulged, Tweeing back and forth, ‘I’m taking a shower, now I’m going to school, now I’m at school,’  this is totally a lot different,” he said. “They obviously care about the society they live in, they care about other people like the vendors who met with them and also the postal workers who were afraid that the Post Office was shutting down.”



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