David Paterson Says Occupy Wall Street Better Run Than Albany [Video]

Gov. David Paterson made an appearance at Zuccotti Park yesterday–the highest ranking, if not the first elected official to do so, and implied that the demonstrators taking part in the Occupy Wall Street protests were better organized than legislators up in Albany

“Very well-organized,” he told amNewYork’s Marc Beja.  “And they said they balanced their budget, which is more than I could do in three years.”

Paterson also defended the protesters against charges that they were ill-informed, and he possessed a surprising fluency with social media.

“This whole image of young people as being self-indulged, Tweeing back and forth, ‘I’m taking a shower, now I’m going to school, now I’m at school,’  this is totally a lot different,” he said. “They obviously care about the society they live in, they care about other people like the vendors who met with them and also the postal workers who were afraid that the Post Office was shutting down.”



PEF Head Sees Hope In Cuomo’s Comments

Earlier today Andrew Cuomo told Capitol Pressroom’s Susan Arbetter that he was open to negotiations with the Public Employees Federation, so long as it was clear that negotiating didn’t mean, “I have to find more money from the taxpayers.”

PEF head Ken Brynien however appears to have heard from Cuomo’s words that the governor is open to negotiating.

“I heard the governor’s willingness to have open communication with us and I am encouraged the governor is willing to hear our ideas,” he said. “At this time, we see no evidence to suggest that a revote would result in an different outcome.” Continue reading “PEF Head Sees Hope In Cuomo’s Comments”

Cuomo Says PEF Members Prefer Layoff For New Workers Over Cuts To Senior Members

Gov. Andrew Cuomo appeared on “The Capitol Pressrooom” and accused members of the state’s second largest public employees union who rejected a contract with the state this week of protecting older workers at the expense of younger ones.

“See the trick here is people know who are the junior members and they know who is going to get laid off and they know they are probably not going to get laid off if they have seniority because of the Triborough rules, they will continue to get certain increases, the contract continues,” Cuomo told host Susan Arbetter.  “People may say, ‘I’m not going to get laid off. Why should I pay any more? Lay off the other guy.’ That’s unfortunate. It’s not in the spirit of community, but you could see that that’s a pragmatic judgment.” Continue reading “Cuomo Says PEF Members Prefer Layoff For New Workers Over Cuts To Senior Members”

In Interview, Diana Taylor Blasts Obama, Congress, and Primaries

dianataylor In Interview, Diana Taylor Blasts Obama, Congress, and PrimariesMayoral main squeeze Diana Taylor was interviewed for the latest issue of NYO Magazine by Observer editor-in-chief Elizabeth Spiers, and it’s a doozy.

Asked, for example her thoughts on President Barack Obama, she channels Sarah Palin.

“I think that he’s a very intelligent man,” she said carefully. “And he has a lot to learn.”

Her voice took on a sharper edge. “For somebody’s who’s going to come in and be the great unifier—you know, that hopey-changey stuff—it hasn’t worked very well. The country is more divided now than it’s ever been. And he doesn’t appreciate other people and what they do. “ Continue reading “In Interview, Diana Taylor Blasts Obama, Congress, and Primaries”

Bloomberg Tells Occupy Wall Street Not To Get Too Comfortable

occupy wall street anti b 007 Bloomberg Tells Occupy Wall Street Not To Get Too ComfortableMayor Mike Bloomberg was asked point-blank this morning by WOR radio host John Gambling if the Occupy Wall Street protesters would be permitted to stay down in Zuccotti Park for as long as the demonstration raged.

And he seemed to suggest that the protestors shouldn’t expect their lease to run-on indefinitely.

“We’ll see,” the mayor said. “People have a right to protest but we also have to make sure that people who don’t want to protest can go down the streets unmolested. We have to make sure that while you have a right to say what you want to say, people who want to say something very different have a right to say that as well. That’s what’s great about our country. The right to protest is part of our culture but it’s also true that there are other soceital concerns. You are worried about sanitation and there are lots of different laws on the books about what you can do.” Continue reading “Bloomberg Tells Occupy Wall Street Not To Get Too Comfortable”

Morning Read: Gay Group Honors Hizzoner; Christie as Kramden; NYPD Unleashed

Whoever is the new head of the Port Authority will have to decide how the agency directs its resources in an era of limited funds and great needs.

Chris Christie has had a frosty relationship with New Jersey’s two U.S. Senators.

This photo of Chris Christie as Ralph Kramden is worth the cost of the Mike Lupica column.

The Human Rights Campaign will honor Mike Bloomberg at its annual fundraiser dinner.

The head of PEF wants to dialogue with Gov. Cuomo, and hopes the governor comes back with a better offer.

The Times urges Cuomo to remain firm.

Jim Dywer writes that the pepper-spray incident during the Occupy Wall Street protests that exists in a bubble of isolation from ordinary democratic processes. Continue reading “Morning Read: Gay Group Honors Hizzoner; Christie as Kramden; NYPD Unleashed”