Weprin Says Turner Flip-Flops on FEMA

fema Weprin Says Turner Flip Flops on FEMAEarlier today Bob Turner sent out a statement calling for an independent federal damage assessment of New York’s Ninth Congressional District because it does not currently have congressional representation.

According to David Weprin, Turner’s Democratic opponent, this sudden interest in getting the federal government involved in disaster relief stands in stark relief to Turner’s previous positions on the size of the federal government, and indeed, to his position on the role of FEMA.

They passed along the following video in which Turner says at Juniper Park Civic Association debate against Anthony Weiner in 2010 that FEMA shouldn’t have assisted in the clean-up from the tornado that damaged Queens that year.

“Despite the fact that Bob Turner is calling for federal disaster assistance, the voters can’t trust him to follow through to make this much-needed help a reality. Just last year he said this funding shouldn’t exist,” said Weprin. “Bob Turner’s Tea Party plan to cut the budget by one third makes it impossible to fund this disaster relief, to keep Medicare afloat, and to provide health care benefits to 9/11 volunteer first responders. Bob Turner is lying to voters when he says he supports these programs.”

Ironically, the Juniper Park Civic Association debate is the same one that Weprin pulled out of earlier today.

The role of the federal government during disasters has been a tricky one for small-government conservative. Earlier this week Ron Paul said that the federal agency created too much dependency on the federal government.

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