Turner Aide Drives From Weprin’s Office To Debate Site, Says Coast Is Clear

36 Turner Aide Drives From Weprins Office To Debate Site, Says Coast Is ClearThe Bob Turner campaign is continuing to have a little fun at the expense of David Weprin’s debate cancellation, sending a campaign volunteer out to drive from the Weprin campaign office to the location where the debate was supposed to be held.

As proof that the route between Mr. Weprin’s office and Bel Mondo Restaurant in Middle Village is clear, a Turner volunteer easily drove the route this afternoon:

“Our intrepid volunteer braved sunny skies and clear roadways this afternoon to chart the course between Mr. Weprin’s headquarters in Forest Hills and the site of tonight’s debate in Middle Village,” said Turner campaign spokesman William O’Reilly.  “What he discovered is that, indeed, the 22-minute trip can be made, if one is willing to brave two turns and several traffic lights.  Now that he knows the route, our volunteer is offering to pick up and drop off Mr. Weprin this evening – so Mr. Weprin can no longer say he cant get there.”

Last week, the Weprin campaign jumped on the issue of Turner’s apparent lack of support for the federal 9/11 health bill and seemed willing to ride that issue for the rest of the campaign. Today, the G.O.P. is turning the tables, and trying to ride the issue of Weprin mangling the size of the federal debt in an interview with the Daily News editorial board.

Now, State Republican Party chairman Ed Cox is piling on:

“During a recent meeting with the New York Daily News Editorial Board, David Weprin was asked how large our national debt was, to which he replied, ‘trillions.’ When pressed he responded, ‘I got caught up on this once before. About four trillion.’ For a man who flaunts his career in public finance and his time spent as Chairman of the City Council Finance Committee, his ignorance of the basic financial fact of our national debt is breathtaking.”

“According to the Treasury Department, our national debt has hit $14.639 trillion. David Weprin missed the mark by $10.639 trillion. With our national debt skyrocketing at a faster rate under President Obama than at any time prior, David Weprin proved his inability to know basic facts about one of the most pressing issues facing Washington.”

“This should come as no surprise, though. A massive multi-million-dollar slush-fund scandal occurred right under Weprin’s nose when he was Chairman of the City Council Finance Committee. He claimed he didn’t know anything about it. Once again, David Weprin was ignorant.”

“Contrast that with the record of Bob Turner, a successful business owner and executive who understands the fundamental economic principles of lower taxes, less spending, and a balanced budget. On September 13th, the voters of this district have a chance to send Washington a message, and Bob Turner is the right man to deliver it.”


One thought on “Turner Aide Drives From Weprin’s Office To Debate Site, Says Coast Is Clear

  1. The press just loves all this back and forth, but do the voters really care ?

    Before there was the “Oracle at Delphi” there was Count Vampire J. Machiavelli

    VJ Machiavelli
    The Legislative Budget is Too Damn High

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