Tea Party Group Says Sarah Palin WILL Attend Iowa Rally

A spokesman for Tea Party of America said that in fact Gov. Sarah Palin will in fact attend a Tea Party rally in Iowa on September 3.

Earlier today it was reported that Palin had pulled out of the rally.

“She never pulled out, but there was some misinformation in the media and so we are just clarifying that the governor is appearing,” Harlan Colt, a spokesman for the group, told The Observer.

He did say however that Christine O’Donnell would not be appearing.

“She is not appearing on her own decision,” he said. 

He disputed reports that the organizers had asked her not to appear.

Colt declined to comment on the confusion around Palini’s appearance, only saying, “It was not anything to do with Sarah Palin or her people or Tea Party of America or our people.”

The event is slated to be carried live on C-Span, and has fueled speculation that Palin will announce that she is running for president there.

“The event will go on as planned and we expect everyone to have a great time.”

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