Peeking at George Pataki's Presidential Campaign Site

georgepatakidotcom222 Peeking at George Pataki's Presidential Campaign Site

Here’s a look at George Pataki’s presidential campaign web site, which is mostly behind password protection.

Earlier this morning, it was hosting some dummy info about a congressional candidate. That info was removed and the site was put under password protection after I emailed Pataki spokesman David Catalfamo.

But if you try logging onto the site, it brings you to a page that shows some of Pataki’s site. One category is called “Pataki’s Record” which has links to things like “budget” “taxes” “job and business climate” “national security” “welfare” “death penalty and crime” “healthcare” “k-12 education” and “higher education.”

No mention of immigration, or other social issues — like abortion or gay rights — where Pataki is notably to the left, compared to the rest of the Republican field.


18 thoughts on “Peeking at George Pataki's Presidential Campaign Site

  1. To Pataki’s webmaster:  Remember to put up a how he tackled the state debt by increasing it while spending to unprecedented levels, how he filled public service positions with self-serving cronies who lived of the public dime and how he speaks for big business, and only big business at all others’ expense (unless he is bought off by a large labor political contribution!).

  2. What about Pataki’s anti-gun record!!  He passed NY’s worthless Assault Weapons Ban, and the famous CoBIS, (gun DNA,) program that has wasted over $40 million and has not solved one crime or even been a help in any crime.  What about he payoff to unions to get reelected the last time?  What is he taking to think that he has any chance??

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