Morning Read: Michelle Bachmann in the City, Chuck Schumer in Europe, Alec Baldwin at the Fair

Michelle Bachmann met with Jewish donors in New York yesterday.

Chuck Schumer was in Europe–and away from the cameras–while Irene raged.

Andrew Cuomo is an old hand when it comes to disasters.

Nearly one million people in the region still don’t have power after the storm.

Pedro Espada says that his accountants approved of all of his taxpayer funded expenses for his medical non-profit, including pony rides and a petting zoo for a family member’s birthday party, home repairs and a down payment on a Bentley. Continue reading “Morning Read: Michelle Bachmann in the City, Chuck Schumer in Europe, Alec Baldwin at the Fair”

Times Goes With Weprin, Knocks Turner, Koch

David Weprin, the Democrat running to fill Anthony Weiner’s old Congressional seat in Brooklyn and Queens, scored the coveted endorsement from The New York Times this morning.

The endorsement knocks the fiscal policies of Weprin’s Republican opponent, Bob Turner, who has called for slashing taxes and government spending while not reducing benefits for Social Security or Medicare.

“That would take a magician, not a businessman,” the editors write.

And the piece also takes aim at former mayor Ed Koch for trying to make the race about Israel.

“The least helpful contribution to this race comes from former Mayor Ed Koch,” the editors write. Continue reading “Times Goes With Weprin, Knocks Turner, Koch”

Councilman with Tourette’s is a Spokesman for Reform

jw aug30 nyccouncil Councilman with Tourettes is a Spokesman for Reform
Council Member Jumaane Williams During the Press Conference (Photo Credit: William Alatriste)

On a recent Thursday afternoon, Councilman Jumaane Williams was sitting half a foot away from the small round table in his office, lamenting that he can’t do as much as he’d like with the job he currently has.

“A lot of us are trying to do the best we can the way the rules are set up,” said Mr. Williams. As he spoke, his body jerked, tossing his arms a few inches in either direction, and bouncing his long tightly-wound dreadlocks. “The rules are problematic, so, let’s go and change the whole structure. The structure is bad.” Continue reading “Councilman with Tourette’s is a Spokesman for Reform”

On ‘Piers Morgan,’ Christine Quinn Says Hurricane Response Wasn’t About Blizzard Bumble

City Council Speaker–and possible Bloomberg endorsee in 2013— Christine Quinn went on Larry King’s old show on CNN last night and defended the administration’s storm response to Piers Morgan against charges of overreaction. Continue reading “On ‘Piers Morgan,’ Christine Quinn Says Hurricane Response Wasn’t About Blizzard Bumble”

Bloomberg to Endorse Democrat in Upper East Side Assembly Race, G.O.P Chair Not Happy

Mayor Mike Bloomberg is planning to endorse Dan Quart, the Democrat running in a special election for a vacant Assembly seat on the Upper East Side, The Politicker has learned.

The move is not entirely unexpected, since Quart has the benefit of a huge registration advantage  in the race against Republican Paul Niehaus. Bloomberg had previously endorsed the Democrat who held the seat, Jonathan Bing, who went to take a job in the Cuomo administration.

Bloomberg’s own 79th street townhouse townhouses are in the Assembly district

In a letter passed along to The Politicker, Dan Isaacs, the Manhattan Republican Party chairman, who has been pushing Niehaus hard, laments the independent mayor’s “poor judgment” and accuses him of “trying to put his stamp on electing his chosen Democrats to office.”


Full letter below: Continue reading “Bloomberg to Endorse Democrat in Upper East Side Assembly Race, G.O.P Chair Not Happy”

‘Not About Bloomberg 4…Wipe the Slate Clean’: Stringer Says NYC Wants Something New in 2013

stringer aug30 Not About Bloomberg 4...Wipe the Slate Clean: Stringer Says NYC Wants Something New in 2013
Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer doesn't think NYC voters want 'Bloomberg 4.' (photo credit: azi paybarah / observer)

When the New York Times wrote this weekend about Mayor Bloomberg’s likely endorsement of City Council Speaker Christine Quinn in the 2013 mayor’s race, only one likely candidate for the office spoke about it, publicly: Scott Stringer, the Manhattan Borough President.

Stringer, who like Quinn, is a progressive Democrat from Manhattan’s West Side, told the Times, “Bloomberg 3 has run its course.”

He was referring to the number of terms Bloomberg has had. But after his press conference this morning across the street from City Hall, I asked Stringer to elaborate what he meant by his remark. What exactly had run “its course”?

“I think the race for mayor is not going to be about Bloomberg 4,” said Stringer. ” It’s going to be about a vision for New York City in a post-Bloomberg era, which I think is good for New York. That’s why I think the focus shouldn’t be on Bloomberg 1, 2 and 3 going into 4, but rather, let’s wipe the slate clean and figure out what we do next.”