On ‘Piers Morgan,’ Christine Quinn Says Hurricane Response Wasn’t About Blizzard Bumble

City Council Speaker–and possible Bloomberg endorsee in 2013— Christine Quinn went on Larry King’s old show on CNN last night and defended the administration’s storm response to Piers Morgan against charges of overreaction.

“We really had to make decisions based on what we were hearing from the National Weather Service and other hurricane and governmental experts. And remember, we are talking about New York City here. We asked people in an area where there are about 300,000 people to evacuate. We needed time to do that, so we had to make the call for this early,” she said.

Quinn also defended the mayor against allegations that he over-reacted to the hurricane to defend charges that he under-reacted during last winter’s blizzard.

“What the mayor put in place this past weekend was a hurricane coastal plan that was developed in 2006. This wasn’t a political plan, this wasn’t a response to the snow. This was a plan that was developed after Katrina. It really wasn’t about politics.”

Will Quinn continue to be a surrogate for the mayor?  Take a look at the video below and decide:



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