Nan Hayworth Backs Eric Cantor’s Call for More Cuts in Wake of Storm

nan hayworth2 Nan Hayworth Backs Eric Cantors Call for More Cuts in Wake of StormHudson Valley congresswoman Nan Hayworth told a local newspaper that she backs House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s calls for budget cuts to pay for Hurricane Irene clean-up.

“We’re facing a natural disaster in the middle of an economic disaster,” Hayworth said Wednesday. “The federal government has to balance its budget the way our families do.”

She said there are “plenty of options” for government to find the money in “non-military discretionary funding,” and it should be a collaborative effort between members of the House and Senate.

“Spending is going to be pared down significantly. There’s no question about it,” Hayworth said.

The comments brought a swift rebuke from Richard Becker, a Democrat running against Hayworth.

“The last time Congresswoman Hayworth participated in a game of hostage with her party leadership, the credit rating of the United States government was downgraded,” he said. “The question for Congresswoman Hayworth is: does she agree with Eric Cantor and the Tea Party or does she agree that we need to provide disaster relief for the Hudson Valley, regardless as to whether it can be offset elsewhere in the budget?”




10 thoughts on “Nan Hayworth Backs Eric Cantor’s Call for More Cuts in Wake of Storm

  1. An economic disaster is a function of the machinations of Wall Street and the banking industry, and is within the purview of Americans to fix. A natural disaster is the result of forces beyond the control of mortal humans, and as a result, requires us to come together to help each other in our hour of need. I pay too much in taxes already, but I would pay more to see my fellow Americans brought back from the brink. It is our human duty to provide for and protect our brethren, an idea that apparently has escaped Ms. Hayworth’s notice.

  2. It tells you how far right we’ve come that a politician with thousands of residents reeling from a natural disaster would explicitly endorse the argument that we can only help provide disaster relief if we punch our senior citizens, working class families, and students in the stomach by cutting spending.  Nan Hayworth just showed that she is not fit to represent the 19th district, or anyone in New York affected by Irene.

  3. No. The government doesn’t need to balance its budget the way a family does. People should leave the room anytime a politician utters that phrase. It means they don’t understand the function of the federal government, it’s accounting system or what it means to live in the United States.

  4. “non-military discretionary funding? Like what?  Social Security and Medicare?  We know they dare not tax the rich.  How can these people hold office and hold the American public hostage to their petty political disagreements and sleep at night?

  5. We need “TOUGH LOVE” and have to get our fiscal house in order.

    Before there was the “Oracle at Delphi” there was Count Vampire J. Machiavelli

    VJ Machiavelli

  6. Republicans have constructed a crazy mantra that claims the federal government’s budget should reflect a family’s budget.
    As if families maintain military bases all over the world and hand out cash to zillionaires!

    But this mantra is parroted 24/7 on Fox & Frightwing radio – and their followers believe.

  7. Republicans never believed in offsetting their Iraq war and reconstruction costs with spending cuts. It’s only Americans who get that kind of treatment. And to agree with apt404 – any politician, including Obama, who says the government needs to balance its budget like a family has no business being in government. (And for that matter, if it weren’t for families using credit cards, bank loans and mortgages, the entire economy would collapse.) Nan Hayworth is an airheaded moron and one of the biggest mistakes of the 2010 election results.

  8. Nan Hayworth continues to embarrass her district. Her fortune is based in large part by feeding at the trough of Medicare at the public expense. Nan serves her bloated friends in the insurance and financial industry and consistently makes the wrong choices for 99% of her district. It’s a shame that money talks as it leads to lowbrow horders like Hayworth.

  9. No, you’re all correct.   We should just fire up the printing presses and print all the money we need!

    Private citizens and private business can and have come to the aid of their fellow citizens.  It’s called charity, and it begins with each of us.  It is not a legitimate function of our federal government here in the United States.  I hear they take care of everything for you in Sweden.  Go live there.

  10. I just spent the last 5 days doing flood relief work in the Margaretville area, so thankfully I was spared this utterly heartless and disgraceful response by my Congresswoman.   There is only one right thing for her to do at this point and that is:  Resign.  She clearly does not understand how government works and is unfit to hold her current office.

    By happenstance, I happened to be en-route to one of our village work sites when Congressman Paul Tonko & Governor Cuomo touched down by helicopter on the fair grounds.  Congressman Tonko spoke with me for several minutes.  He clearly understands that emergency relief for disasters like this is a primary function of government, and that supplemental funding should be moved forward without question.
    Contrast this with the naive view of Hayworth who clearly fails to understand the basic principles of a federal budget based on a national currency. 
    I also see that since this article she has engaged in a lot of photo-ops touring flooded areas in her red high-heeled shoes.  She clearly just doesn’t get it.  We need someone who gets it, and gets us the aid we need to rebuild.  
    Nan should go back to Mt. Kisco and stay there.

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